False positive pregnancy test after IUI?
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Roya - October 24

I had an IUI insemination 2 weeks ago and took a home pregnancy test yesterday which showed that I was positive. However, when I went to my RE this morning for a blood test it showed that I was not pregnant. Has anyone had this happen before?


lovemy3 - October 25

I'm not sure about IUI's but I know when conceiving naturally there are things called "chemical pregnancies" and they happen like that.


Mega - October 25

I'm so sorry Roya. What a blow that must've been. False positives with HPTs from what I've heard are fairly rare but they definitely do happen. Some HPTs though are more prone to this than others. What HPT brand did you use?


ginger6363 - October 25

Hi Roya,
I had an IUI a couple of weeks ago also. I took an HPT 10 days after my HCG shot b/c I wanted to make sure that all of the HCG was out of my system by day 10 (I read that it should be all out by about 10 days after the shot). It was negative, so for me ten days and the HCG was out of my system. Everyone is different though, so maybe you still had some in you? or like lovemy3 says, maybe you had a chemical pregnancy. My IUI did not take so I feel you're pain. Best of luck next time!


Tink - October 25

so sorry! as another poster mentioned- i usually waited the full 14 days (at least 10) to make sure the trigger stuff was out of my system. did you ask the doc if they had any ideas? best of luck.



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