fallopian tubes blocked
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pavima - November 14

help me to get pregnant. i have left fallopian tube blcked.


to pavima - November 14

this is a total dr. issue-- what have they advised??


to pavima - November 14

hi, i had the same situation as you do the only way to fix this is to see a fertility specialists. Which to fix my block tube's i had to have a laporoscopy a d and c and a hysterocopy. After the 6 weeks of healing i'm my clomid right now 2nd day and will start taking robitussin for cm. Hopefully this will help you.


*** - November 14

Good Luck!!!!!!!! :)


pavima - November 16

i am put on tablets like AKT-4, doc has adviced to start with ovulation tab, will i need a lapro


brenda - November 16

Hi, pavima. My left tube was blocked also. I had a laparoscopy and found out it was blocked because of endometriosis. I just had the procedure done in October. Have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow. Am hoping to find out more info.


christine - November 16

to pavima,
did they unblock the tubes are you seeing an RE, because i was told by my ob/gyn to go to IVF


Karen - November 20

I am afraid that my tubes are blocked. Can it really be fixed?


brenda - November 22

to karen, have you talked to your doctor about surgery?


Karen - November 23

To Brenda: Thank for responding. No, I haven't talked to my Doc yet and I am probably jumping ahead of myself but I had PID due to undiagnosed chlamydia w/ lots of pain. Thus, I am worried about blocked tubes. TTC for 8+ months. To start clomid next month. My doc says if that doesn't work than the next step is a dye test and fertility specialist. I just haven't heard of many people talk about getting their tubes repaired after blockage. HOw does that work?


brenda - November 27

Hi Karen. I had one blocked tube, so the doctor did a laparoscopy to find out why. Turns out, it was because of endometriosis. He lasered everything off, so now I'm on something to help it slow the endo down. I have to be on it for a couple of more months,then we can start trying again. There's hope for you even with a blocked tube. It's worth checking into.


To pavima - November 30

Have you tried reflexology? This can help this situation. I would strongly suggest it.


Christine - December 2

Hi Ladies , do any of you have problems financing IVF< i might be able to help, I have info that can help us all raise the money we need. IF you can afford you might not be interested. but if you cannot pls respond to this post or email me at [email protected]


kimberly25 - July 4

hi i did an hsg test and was told that my fallopian tubes were blocked. i head about felopio. i was wondering if it unblocked anybody tubes.


m0mma0f3 - July 5

Hi Pavima and others ttc w/blocked tubes. I myself had a completely blocked right tube and a partial blocked left tube, results from having a HSG. RE said I could do a lap, but, would be wasting time and money, as although it would unblock whatever is blocking, that it would eventually scar and possibly reblock them. Your fallopian tube is no larger in diameter than a bolded line. So, only other alternative would be IVF, if you have no other underlying medical issues. I had a first successful IVF, my daughter now 10mos old, we are going to start another IVF in one month. Personally speaking, I would skip the lap and put the money to another alternative, which you may end up doing anyways down the line. As for the other posts that I read about raising money, hehe, I wouldnt trust anyone on this forum about "raising" money. There is a organization called ARC that will finance all reproductive procedures, it also pays for the meds at discount prices. Most RE's use this option, if money is a concern. Finance percentages range from like 4% to like 15%, give or take, i do not recall for sure, and its based upon your credit rating. I also know quite a bit of women swear by acupuncture. Baby dust....



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