Falling temperatures
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Christen - June 14

I have been charting my BBT for 2 months now. The first month I didn't ovulate until day 25 of my cycle and then started af on day 41. This month I am on day 31 and still no sign of ovulation, in fact my temps have dropped. What could this drop in temp mean?


stacey - June 14

sometimes my temps drop right before ovulation- body building up to it. How many days has it dropped for? Also did you do anything that would have caused your ovulation to be delayed? (travel or being sick)


MelissaS - June 15

I drop the day of O. But, if it is a steady drop it could mean af without o. Your o date seems fine for your cycle. You are not supposed to o 12-14 days into your cycle, BUT 14-16 days before af no matter how long your cycle. Each woman is different in their cycle lengths. O date 12-14 days into the cycle is only applicable for women who have 28 day cycles.



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