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Sandra - February 10

Stephanie, Lynn, Nicole and Kristie - Welcome to the new post! Glad you could join me.


Sandra - February 10

Lynn - well done with the weight loss. I weigh on Monday, so hope I dont gain. I too have not been walking so much - its been very cold here also. The cold air triggers Kyles asthma so we have not been out as often as I would like. Sun is shining today, kids are off school for a half term break til Wed so probably take the kids to the park this afternoon. Have a great weekend - will be checking to see if you've arrived here! Ya Ya


Stephanie - February 10

YA YA.....well here we are....Sandra, good, who is Faith? Who is Hope?...and what other good ya ya names could be give ourselves? Lynn....AWESOME on the weight always seem to lose more faster, I hate them for that, but big claps to your hubby for doing it with you.......AF should be here anytime for me, have to be ready any time, know how that is, what a pain......I have a feeling I am going to have a long cycle this time....usual is 34 or 35 this one go to like 50 or something screwed up like that....really concerned about the possible no ovu this month at a time sweet Jesus.....Mom says one day at a is good advice, take it as it comes.....hard though....well we are all on our own post now....this will be great.....thinking of you all.....hopefull someone will have some grrrrreat news soon and hey, little MiKayla will be here before we know YA


Lynn - February 10

Hello Girls....I am no glad we began another one. Maybe each month we need to think of something positive to keep us going. I took it as the YA, YA's having Faith and Hope.......I took HPT this morning and....BFN. which I expected nothing less seeing this was going to be a miracle month. Now AF better arrive no later than Monday seeing I have this all planned out so I can see if my left side is growing. Work is stressing me out and I think ....please just let it roll off you back. Nothing more than people out of my profession...telling me how to do my job!!!!! UGH!!!!!!! okay...thanks for letting me vent (even though I did not ask). Sandra...what program are you doing or do you just tell yourself to only weigh on Monday? I think Kristie has until mid-May. She got pregnant a couple weeks after me and I would have had mine in May. We will need to ask her when her due date is. Dh is mad because he is off and we are broke and cannot do anything. I suggested him getting a part-time job and he laughed. I wish I made more but teaching in the south sucks. UGH!!!! Always something and then he said...if we are broke, how can we have a child. My reply...if we wait to afford a child, we will NEVER have one. Was that too harsh? Well, I am glad we found a new place to chat. Talk to you later.


sandra - February 11

hi - Lynn, you were right about us Ya Ya's having faith and hope. I certainly have hope. Sorry to hear you got a BFN. I too have negative everything - neg opk and hpt. I go to WeightWatchers every monday. I dont weigh at home cos I think its best to stick to one set of scales. Hope i lose this week. Stephanie - hows you. Has AF shown her ugly face yet? Kristie when's little Mikayla due to make her appearance? Cant wait!!


Lynn - February 11

Sandra....I am also doing weight watchers. WOW, how neat. I go every Thursday nights to weigh and I also only weigh there unless I get weighed at doctors. To date I am down 19.4 pounds and it took a little over 2 months. It kind of sucks because some of the fertility drugs I take in a cycle can make you gain at least 5 pounds. Thise months I feel like I am going against everything to loose. I put dh on it also (he was gaining at a fast rate) and he has lost 28 so far which is wonderful. We are both doing the points. Stephanie.....I also am ususally a 35+ day cycle person until I have taken all these drugs. Now the longest I go not pregnant is 32 days. Today is cd 29 and no feeling of anything either way. Sometimes I feel a cramp but it has not amounted to anything. Kristie...we need your due date. It is going to kill us not knowing if you in the hospital or not. Gosh....maybe Paige or Court can sign in briefly to let us know. Crazy request seeing that is going to be one of the most exciting things in your life. Okay....just ate lunch and now I need a snack. Talk to y'all later YA...YA....


sandra - February 12

hey Lynn - we need to share points recipes! I am retaining lots of fluid. my fingers and ankles are really swollen. cant get my rings off. i know it will show a gain on the scales. hope tomorrow is better weather - maybe get out for a walk. I hear snow is forecast for north eastern america - hope it doesnt hit you too hard STephanie. Hope Kristie and nicole are ok. its late here - or early which ever way you look at it. 1.35am - Im off to bed, catch you later x


Lynn - February 12

Hey Sandra.....Do you drink lots of water? I drink more than 80oz of water a day. I find that the weeks I slack on my water, I gain or loose a pound. We stopped eating out and mainly eat at home. I think we go out once a month if that. I do have a onderful sweet recipe I will e-mail to you. It is for a pie that is only 3/4 points a slice and no one knows it is low fat. Stephanie....You are to get hit hard with snow. I know you said you were having a girls day with your daughter so I guess we will not hear from you until Tuesday. I hope you do not miss too much school, it is to be a bad one. is the house coming? We haven't heard too much since y'all moved in. I hope Kristie and Nicole find us. I am going to chek back at our old site just incase since we don't have Nicole's e-mail address. Ask at weight watchers about retaining your weight. If I can remember, I'll ask when I go on Thursday.


nicole - February 12

i found you all


Lynn - February 12

Yeah Nicole......thought you were missing in action. How are things going? Sandra...I sent the pie recipe to your e-mail account. Let me know when you make it and what you think. I hope Kristie finds us. Going to get tires for my jeep so talk to y'all later.


nicole - February 12

hey there girls. i have been very busy helping my husband and his business. he owns a garage door business. feeling pretty good, a bit tired.... i think i need to slow down a bit. just found out that my 2 best friend are prego. that sucks, i want to be prego with them. sure that it will be hard hearing them talk about all of this. keep being optimistic girls. God is looking down on us


sandra - February 13

hi all, Stephanie - hope you avoided the snow! Roll on summer thats what i say. Think we might be due some snow here also. Nicole- glad you found us. Where is Kristie? Come back Kristie. Lynn, thanks for the recipe - dying to try it out. Have sent you a separate email about weight and stuff - I dont want to bore everyone else with my constant battle. Go to weigh tonight so will let you know how i get on. Babydust to everyone - lets hope we get some good news soon


Lynn - February 13

AF showed this morning so I guess we try again this month. Hopefully those eggs will grow on my left side. I am going to begin to temp tomorrow so I can learn a little more this month. I usually check e-mail after checking the thread. I wish you weight off this week. Hpw mcuh have you lost to date? We are gonna be slim checks soon. Talk to you later.


sandra - February 14

Awwww Lynn - damn AF! Try not to get too disheartened. I am sure AF will also show her ugly head to me soon. I know i havent ovulated this month so its just a matter of time before she comes. I lost 1.5 pounds so at least thats one bit of good luck. Usually I show heavier when AF due though so not sure whats going on with my body! Stephanie - did AF show for you yet? We can all be miserable together.


Stephanie - February 14

NO 38....bugging the hell out of me.....breaking out badly, know she is coming, just wish she would so I can get it over with.....Nicole, sorry about the prego friends...I know how that and start eating something when they go on about it.....I hope they are sensitive to you.....Lynn, hope the eggs do what they need to on your left side, I am sure they will.....I really don't think i ovu this month, which is bad because the wasn't my problem, now it could be....damn it....special on the local news yesterday about age and pregnancy....depressing....make us all sound ancient.....hate it hate it hate it......Kristie we are all dying here for the arrival date of our girl....let us know....I will let you know when AF signs of pg, so that is not even a hope of mine right face looks like that of a pathetic teen, night before first dance.....zits with you all later....snow didn't get us too badly, 6 inches maybe....that is nothing......YA YA


Stephanie - February 14



nicole - February 14

happy v-day to all. taking my grandmother and mother out for dinner tonight with my husband. hope food is good. i am looking forward to a nice dinner out



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