faint positve preg test but low temps, please help
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dee - February 5

not due on for 4 more days, but yesterday took first response pregnancy test and got a faint but definate 2nd line, my temps are above coverline but spiking and every time it drops its only just above coverline, does this mean im losing the pregnancy or is it ok so lng as your temps stay above the coverline PLEASE HELP


Cendy - February 6

Dee, I used this same test five days before my AF was due and I got a faint positive. The very same day, I had a quantative HCG and the total was 30.3. Which confirmed my pregnancy. Two days later the HCG was tested again and it was at 66.2. I would not worry too much about you temps. You have a positive so congratulations. I am 7 weeks now and due Sep 24. Good luck to you!!! BABY Dust!


Mega - February 6

From what I've read, as long as your temps stay above the coverline that's what matters. So congrats on your faint positive--sounds promising! Good luck!!!


trying - February 14

what if the temps drop way below the coverline with 5 days left until af?


well, - February 14

that happened to me and it was an implantation dip. I am 20 weeks today!!



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