Faint positive 9 days after hsg trigger.
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Amysince70 - November 21

I had an hsg trigger 9 days ago and I have been feeling a little queezy the last couple days. I tested today and got a faint positive in about 10 minutes. I'm wondering if it was from the HSG or if there's a good chance it's the real deal???? Thanks


Amysince70 - November 21

I mean HCG


emaan - November 21

Goodluck amysince70....BabyDust


whynotme - November 21

I think I remember reading the triggers stay in your system for up to 12 days. You might want to just wait 4 more days and then test again. That's why dr.s tell you to wail the full 2 weeks. Your symptoms sound promising though, good luck!


slowpoke01 - November 21

there is a chance that it could still be the trigger shot. it deoends on the dose that they gave you and how fast your body gets it out of your system. i asked my dr how long it would stay in my system and he told me that it was like lh when you are using opk's lh only shows up for a few days, but if you had a higher dose or your body is slow about getting it out of your system then it may take longer. everyone is different. i say wait a few days and test again if it is the real thing then the + should get darker on the hpt. good luck


Tink - November 21

i agree- could be the trigger. i believe the rule is to wait at least 10 days for it to leave your system. i would wait another 2-3 days before testing again. i konw some ladies test very early to see the HCG positive, then test until they get a negative to know the HCG is gone. then that way they know it is gone and anythign after that should be 'real' result. good luck though!


ROBYN - November 21

It can remain positive up to 14 days after the trigger. . Also alot of fertility meds simulate pregnancy signs. Good luck to you.


Amysince70 - November 22

Thanks to everyone! Does clomid simulate pregnancy signs during the 2ww?


slowpoke01 - November 22

amy i dont remember having pregnancy signs while i was taking clomid. it just made me have hot flashes and be tired and thats it. i know the trigger shot gives you pregnancy signs like sore boobs and everything.


Amysince70 - November 22

Yeah, I have heard that but the strange thing is....I usually get sore boobs right after I ovulate for about 2 weeks and this time my boobs aren't the least bit sore. I had my progesterone checked on Monday and it was 23. So I'm starting to wonder? I tested again today (I'm addicted) and I still got the same faint positive...Today is 10 days past trigger and 9 past ovulation. Ahhh....The suspense is killing me!


Tink - November 22

the rule usually is not to test until 10 days past ovulation, i believe. i would still keep testing. i got symtoms with both clomid, follistim and the trigger (ovidrel). i had my hopes up twice and was dashed. i hope it is much different for you. i would still wait until 14DPO and only take that test as a positive. good luck


linds99 - November 22

Amy, I have had trigger shots the last three cycles and I always tested at 9-10 days post ovulation and never got even a hint of HCG to bring up a positive. Although I have to agree with the other ladies, maybe your body is still carrying it, I can equally say that I personally believe that you might actually be pregnant. Especially since you tested it again and it keeps coming up right away. Your progesterone levels sounded healthy....so that is great news. I don't want anyone to think I am 'getting your hopes up' but I personally think,based on my experience with the HCG and HPT myself, it likely happend for you !! Good luck....


Amysince70 - November 22

Thanks! I know you're not getting my hopes up, I appreciate you sharing your experience! I called the nurse today and she said that she doubts that it's left over since I had the trigger 10 days ago and she wants me to come in on Friday instead of Monday for a blood test. So I will know in two more days. The one thing that concerns me is that the nurse said I was injected with 10,000 units, which I have read taked 10-14 days to leave your system...AND I am only 5'1 and 105 lbs. So again, it could go either way. I just feel a little different this time, though. Let's hope the HSG / CLOMID / HCG / IUI / Preseed/ Magic sperm pills worked this time! I'm 36 and we have been trying for almost 2 years.


linds99 - November 22

Gosh, that is great news...let's hope it gets better today! And then you and DH really will have something to be thankful for tomorrow!


Amysince70 - November 23

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you are all relaxing and enjoying your turkey as opposed to obsessing over a line on a pregnancy test like me! Well, I took another one today (my last one before the blood test tomorrow) and while it was still a faint faint positive, I swear it's even lighter than yesterday. Today was day 12 so the trigger might just be leaving my system now. I'm starting to feel like I might just have PMS. I'm wondering if the clomid is making me PMS mpre than usual, too.


ROBYN - November 24

Amy Clomid definitely gives you some side effects also when adding the HCG it also can give fake pregnancy symptoms. So I completely understand what your feeling and have been thru. Just give it a few more days and the hcg should be completely out of your system then try and test again. Good luck.


Amysince70 - November 24

Well, I got my blood test back today and I am pregnant....But my hcg levels are so low that they are afraid it's not a normal pregnancy. She said it's either abnormal or just too soon. They were only testing me this early because I have had a faint faint positive since 8 dpo. Also, the doc at the fertility clinic said there is no way it's from the trigger...Said I was pregnant for sure. Now, it still is very early (12 dp Trigger, 11 days past O)...So I'm wondering if anyone knows what is a good healthy hcg level for this time? What a bummer. Also, my boobs just started getting sore 2 days ago...Could that mean implantation happend later? Wouldn't that make my hcg level lower?



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