Failed injections and a new cyst- input please!!!!
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patrizia - September 26

i am ttc for 18 months with a lap on march 30.-finally in september my RE had me start PUREGON injections. the first week was 100mg injections -then for the next 10 days it was a double fiale-200mg. i was completely monitored with blood tests and sonograms during this time every few days. yesterday i went in for anothersonogram-blood test and then in the afternoon my RE called to say -SUSPEND- the therapy nothing is moving-your estrogen levels are too low and there is a cyst now on your right ovary. and then told me to come in on friday to change my therapy. --this cycle was "lost". can anyone help me ? what does this all mean ? does anyone knew what direction is next ? did this happen to anyone ? ---help because i am just really worried. thank you !


patrizia - September 26

i am sorry to hear that no one will share their experiences.


linds99 - September 26

Sorry to hear about the canceled cycle. It is upsetting, I've had canceled cycle due to two cysts (26 and 32 mm) on each ovary. I've not done injections, just clomid with HCG trigger shot. (I have PCOS) However, I have had cysts before from Clomid. These cysts are eggs (follicles) that grow and continue to grow getting luteinized, but not enough estrogen to release them. They pretty much outstay their visit. Anyway, your cyst (How big was it exactly) was probably due to overstimulation of your ovaries with the purgeon injections but you don't have the proper estrogen surge (levels) to get it to release and they want to wait until they dissapate on their own. the doctor can't give you more meds and keep a cycle going in case the cyst will get more bigger. The suspension of the cycle is to protect you and she will probably use another therapy that may get your hormones to respond more appropriately to than the puregon.


patrizia - September 27

thanks linds99 for answering. i didnt ask how large the cyst was. i will on friday. it is just dissappointing-not only to terminate the cycle but also to hear that there is a cyst which developed while i was on puregon. i wonder are these the type of cysts that go away on their own or will they need birth contol pills (which i do not want to go on) to help them go away ?


linds99 - September 27

They are likely follicular cysts that will dissapate in one to three weeks. I would not be too concerned about it. They happen to a lot of women and resolve itself by usually the next cycle.



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