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Hi - October 6

Hi, is it true you shouldn't walk around after intercourse and that you should lye flat on your back with hips raised for approx 20min to maximise conception. My partner thinks Im silly - but I need to clear this matter up with him - and myself!


yeh - October 6

yeh it is true and to clear this matter u can go to webmd.com or babyhopes...
or just type in google toolbar....


Gina - October 6

your less likely to "leak" if you lay down for 20 mins after intercourse. This helps fight gravity. some docs say laying longer than 30 mins isnt worth it. You can also elevate hips by putting a pillow under you.


me - October 7

what the other ladies said is correct. it doesn't guarantee anything, but i helps your chances of keeping the semen in and gives the swimmers an easier route, rather tha defying gravity. most reach thier destination around 20 minutes, so that is why drs say anything after that is moot. good luck!


stef - October 7

I am now 7weeks pregnant and i didn't lay there for 20min or wait to use the bathroom. i did try that for 8months and nothing worked. so then i just didn't even think about it for a month and it happened. when its going to happen it will. yes though you can increase your odds by laying their but for me having an orgasim at the same time as by bf was helpful.


Mega - October 7

I've heard that lying flat on your back with your hips raised or lying flat on your back with your legs on a pillow is especially helpful when you're dealing with a low sperm count. With a higher count it probably doesn't matter as much. However my mom swore that was how she conceived me. However I know lots of other people who got pregnant after drunken sex & they certainly didn't prop up their legs! :) So I guess it's varies. But the way I figure--it couldn't hurt things either to keep your legs propped up for a while. The spermies need all the help they can get! Good luck!


sheena - November 22

yes i am going through the same thing but it is something we have o do if we want baby!


**curious** - November 26

yeah ive heard that is tru, my mother is here and had three kids and she said that is how she got pregant with two of us..so good luck..!!



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