Extremely Long Cycle
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Kelly - June 26

Dear SS. I can relate. I came off BCP in Feb 05. My next af was 50 days later, and bad! Then I got af 37 days later, not so bad. So in my head I thought...my cycles are beginning to get back to normal. Well, I am still waiting for my next af. I am currently at cycle day 53. I am so disappointed. It is nice that we can all talk about it. My doc also said that I could get off BCP, wait a month and try..no problem..yeah right. Plus all my friends got pregnant right away after getting off BCP..How frustrating. It takes all the fun out of it! We will have to support each other. I do get crampy here and there, but haven't gotten af. I dont know what is going on.


eli - June 26

Hi Tj i stopped taking birth control pills in sep last year and ever since all my periods range from 32 to 45 days, it is frustrating because i am also trying to concieve and i am now taking clomid this is my first month on it and i am already 41 days late.i am scared of taking a pregnancy test.



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