Extremely Long Cycle
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sarah - April 12

after being diagnosed i was first given chlomid 50mg for one month with absolutely no luck and then 1 month on chlomid 100mg with the same results when the doctor changed my drug to puregon. this was called ovulation induction which entailes a self given shot in the tummy of puregon starting on day 5 of cycle, then you have blood tests until your levels(estrogen i think or progesterone) go up and indicates a follicle on your ovaries, you then have an scan/ u/s to determine if there is a follicle and how many and if it is mature enough to be released.
if it is you then recieve a shot of another drug(pregnyl in my case) which does its best to release the egg and you are advised of the best time for intercourse.
in my case the first cycle on puregon was semi successful i had one mature follicle, it was released(i did ovulate) but did not concieve, the second was 3 follicles, they werent going to release but one wasnt mature however after the shot to release i did not ovulate anyway.
then the 3rd time was the charm, there were two mature follicles, they were released and when i got home i noticed a definate change with the mucus(lovely) and knew i was ovulating at that point, turns out i was right! 9 and a bit months later(my little man was comfy) my miricle was born. 9p11oz!!! so my point to all is dont give up! p.s to T.J what state r u in? adelaide has a public fertility clinic running in the flinders med (where i went with peanut) i am now going to repromed as flinders was closed down when we wanted to start trying. another good thing at the mo is the safety net, it helps a lot with the cost. good luck everyone!


TJ - April 13

Thanks for your post Sarah! I am in NSW so unfortunately not in the right vicinity to take advantage of the public fertility clinic. It is really encouraging that it only took you 3 months to conceive once you were on the ovulation induction programme. Do you think you will have to go through the injections/blood tests this time around? Good luck to you, and thanks again for your post.


sarah - April 13

i am doing the same thing this time. this cycle just gone, it was puregon shots that produced 2 mature follicles they were released and i ovulated but alas no pregnancy, start puregon needles again on saturday so maybe better luck this month fingers crossed!
even private clinics arent too bad in oz especially when the safety net kicks in, keep smilin:)


TJ - April 14

Hi Sarah. I am actually Canadian, but have been living in Australia for 5 years. The medical system is still so foreign to me here - everything in Canada is covered under medicare, here it seems the opposite! Have already spent $300, and about to spend another $220 for gyno visit - hope it is covered in my health insurance. What is the safety net? I will ask gyno about purgeon. Hate the thought of injecting myself, but will definitely do anything to conceive! Thanks for checking this post, and continuing to give great advice. XOXO Good luck on Saturday!


sarah - April 14

the safety net is as follows, once a family has spent over $750 ish on health care the government(medicare) will reinburse i think 80% of whatever you spend out of your own pocket for the rest of the year. i am surprised though that your visits are so expensive!
my doctor has always referred me to the public hospital system where possible though so that helped me a lot.but your health cover should pay for it . the puregon needles are very fine and dont hurt very much,especially now my belly is stretched from peanut(not complaining) just a little bit scary at first. your gyno/fertility clinic will suggest what is best for you though. if you are lucky, you may only need clomid which is just a tablet:) it is never as bad as you think so stay positive and dont stress. thanks for the luck and i wish everyone on here the same!


sarah - April 15

hi L i think the longer you go without a period, the worse the cramps when one is due. in my experience anyway, this last one comes after a lot of months! and has been agonising however i never had weird feelings all the time.if this is the case i really suggest seeing a doctor i am sure it is nothing to be concerned about. keep us posted and let us know how you go:)


L - April 15

I hate long cycles it makes me nuts! I did go to see the doctor (2 infact!) - they did blood tests to see if anything was out of whack but everything came back normal - I know that's a good thing - but it would be nice if something would give an indication as to why my cycles are so long. Maybe I'm just one of the unlucky ones stuck with irregular cycles!!! Boo for me!! lol


sarah - April 15

dont be dissapointed L normal is good, just read your other posts, congrats on the pregnancy by the way how far along are you? once you have had your family the pill will regulate your cycles again so i am glad for you and i hope you have every luck keep smilin:)


SS - April 20

I went off the pill in February and have had one 36-day cycle, and am now on day 37 with nothing. I am so upset, because I keep thinking, maybe...then taking tests that come out negative. I'm so frustrated. Before I went on the pill (many years ago), I had regular 29 or 30-day cycles. Now I'm just in this vicious cycle of trying, waiting, and being disappointed. I wish my doctor would have told me that it might take months to get back to normal. Instead, she told me there was no reason I couldn't try to get pregnant immediately after going off the pill, which may be true, but she failed to mention it might be nearly impossible. I guess I will call my doctor tomorrow and try to get in for some testing. Any other suggestions?


Mubarka Hina - April 30

How long do I have to use Puregon 100 units per day before I get pregnant


mel - May 3

I was on the depo shot about 2 years ago and still have not concieved, about ho long after the last shot,(there was only one), would i be able to, please let me know soon.


Lee - June 14

Wow I can't believe the effects of BCP. I amnow against the pill. Why put our bodies through this!? I'll never got on it again. I was only on the pill for about 4 months. I used to have a 35 Day Cylce. Now I'm getting a 43 day cycle and while TTC it's too hard to handle! I want my normal cylce back.


AW - June 14

Hi Tj I am in hte same situation I went off the BC in Feb2005 My first period was 33 days and the next was 52 now I am on day 44 for this cycle. It is very frustrating when youare ttc because it is so hard to calculate ovulation. Does anybody have any helpful tips for tracking o other than charting and CM. I have heard of herbs you can take and also Green tea Anybody know Please help


M - June 15

I am 6 montn off the pill, after taking the pill for over 10 years. I am having very long cycles 45 days and I am very upset. I have only now schedulled a doctor opointment.


Sadie - June 26

I have a question for a friend, his wife is pregnant, but he's been gone for 10 months exactly to the date is it possible that she could be pregnant for this long? I dont think it is his child! She says it is but that doctor juz=st waiting for baby to come out on own


Kelly - June 26

Dear SS. I can relate. I came off BCP in Feb 05. My next af was 50 days later, and bad! Then I got af 37 days later, not so bad. So in my head I thought...my cycles are beginning to get back to normal. Well, I am still waiting for my next af. I am currently at cycle day 53. I am so disappointed. It is nice that we can all talk about it. My doc also said that I could get off BCP, wait a month and try..no problem..yeah right. Plus all my friends got pregnant right away after getting off BCP..How frustrating. It takes all the fun out of it! We will have to support each other. I do get crampy here and there, but haven't gotten af. I dont know what is going on.



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