Extremely Long Cycle
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yissy - April 4

hi i use the birth control pills for 3 months then i stop.now i been with out a period for 6 month and did a pregnancy test las friday and it was positive im 6 weeks pregnant how can that be with no period for 6 months


Meredith - April 6

I just wanted to commisserate with everyone else on this posting. I went off the patch Aug. 04 and each cycle keeps getting longer. I'm on CD 51 and no sign of AF, I'm afraid to think I'm pregnant. I don't really feel preggo this time around anyway. So all that to say, I can relate, TJ. I'm about to make an appointment to see my OB and see what the next steps are. Good luck to you TJ, and everyone else here!


L - April 7

Hey! I wason the pill for 5 years - came off 3.5 mos ago. My first af came on day 49. Im now on day 38 waiting for a second af. Went to thedoc - did a bunch of blood tests that said "all is normal"!! BFN also (blood and urine tests) so I'm now going for acupuncutre and on herbs to try to regulate everything. I'm seriously feeling rotten about this but very reassured that I'm not the only one going through this!!


Meredith - April 7

I just went to the doctor today, and she's ordered a whole blood work up for me. It could very well turn out like L, everything normal, but I'd urge anyone else here to get lab work done just in case it does turn out to be something. As she said, a 52 plus day cycle is not normal. I also find it reassuring none the less that these long cycles--while not normal, are at least not that uncommon. :) Good luck to all!!!


L - April 7

Yeah, blood tests are always good to put your mind at ease. IT would almost be more reassuring to hear that something was "off" so that they could do something about it, i could get pregnant, have a cute baby and live happily ever after!! LOL For those of you coming off of the pill recently too - are you ovulating? I have been using OPKs EVRY SINGLE DAY and have yet to get a positive one!


Meredith - April 7

I know, I am actually hoping they find something wrong when I get the results in 3 weeks. Because then A) I'd know what's going on B) we could treat it and C) I could "get pregnant, have a cute baby and live happily ever after." Yada, yada, yada! It's sooo nice to read comments from people who feel exactly like I do about this whole baby making matter!!! L, good luck with the herbal remedies & accupuncture. I've been hearing a lot of good stuff about both, esp. accupuncture. In addition to OPKs, have you tried charting? My next cycle I'm going to re-try that, I have yet to have luck with charting.


L - April 7

I have very long cycles as well, and my last one was what I figures out to be a 39 day cycle. I am now pregnant, not planned however, and I know I ovulated on day 26 of my cycle. It may help to also ttc, and check your cm and cervix position. You'll usually notice that your temp drops on the day you ovulate and then goes right back up the next day. I hope this helps you. Good luck.


BH - April 9

I stopped taking the pill in October 2004, and I have had a 33 day, a 38 day, another 33 day and a 35 day cycle. I am now on day 36 and still no period. I am very frustrated as well. I was on BC for 15 years and never had a regular period prior to the pill. I hope my cycle will normalize soon.


TJ - April 9

Hi. I had the results of ultrasond, which confirmed MANY cysts on each ovary - up to 20, and 5 sets alarm bells off. My blood work came back virtually normal except my cholesterol was higher than normal. I am surprised by this as I am not a BIG person, very petitie in fact! Now on a waiting list to see a gynaecologist, but will be another month. So frustrating! It seems like everyone around me is pregnant, have tried for a couple of months to become pregnant, and here I am facing all of these infertility issues. 60+ and no AF just yet! Good luck to all of you. My advice is that if you have had "normal" blood tests, it still will not eliminate the cystic ovaries, so if you can, check it out.


sarah - April 10

yes i experienced similar however had no perion for approx 6mths. after seeing gyn was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome. probably not the case with you but would see a doctor anyway.


sarah - April 10

after reading that you do have pcos. i will addthat it is not the end of the world.i have now a gorgeous 10mth old son after only 3 ovulation induction cycles with puregon, and poss another on the way??? find out wednesday.


Meredith - April 11

Good luck Sarah, I hope you get the results you want on Wednesday. I have 3 weeks before I get the results of my blood work--but my Dr. seems to think it's likely PCOS or maybe a Thyroid condition. We'll see. At this point I just want to know. I'm on CD 56, definitely NOT pregnant & I just want an answer so I can move on to treating it. But reading all the PCOS/Clomid success stories makes me feel better. TJ--thanks for the advice. I'll remember that in case my blood works comes back "normal." I'll still push for an US in case there are cysts.


sarah - April 12

als no luck this month but is only first cycle back (trying to concieve) so not too dis heartened. a question i have for you is why are you ahving bloodwork done before an u/s? i am in australia so perhaps it is different here? i had an u/s straight after i explained my symptoms pretty much and was diagnosed with pcos. good luck to all though keep posting.


TJ - April 12

Sarah, I am also in Australia! I was given referrals for both an u/s and blood work at the same time when I informed my GP of the long cycles. Good luck as you try to conceive, and sorry about this time not being successful. Since the blood work I had done did not fully corroborate the u/s, PCOS is not fully diagnosed, and I am going to a gynaecologist in a month. What a wait! Confident my patience will be met with a miracle though, and your posting gives us all hope. Let me know how you go. My appt not until mid May, so the waiting game continues, but hopefully after that, I will be given some Metformin, Clomid, etc .... curious .... were you on anything when you conceived your first child after being diagnosed with PCOS? XOXO


L - April 12

For those of you recently off the pill... do you have wierd feelings in your tummy? I came off of the pill early in January, had my first af after 49 days (that sucked) and am now on day 44 of my 2nd cycle (went for a blood test last week - BFN) But have any of you been having cramps/wierd stomach feelings?


sarah - April 12

after being diagnosed i was first given chlomid 50mg for one month with absolutely no luck and then 1 month on chlomid 100mg with the same results when the doctor changed my drug to puregon. this was called ovulation induction which entailes a self given shot in the tummy of puregon starting on day 5 of cycle, then you have blood tests until your levels(estrogen i think or progesterone) go up and indicates a follicle on your ovaries, you then have an scan/ u/s to determine if there is a follicle and how many and if it is mature enough to be released.
if it is you then recieve a shot of another drug(pregnyl in my case) which does its best to release the egg and you are advised of the best time for intercourse.
in my case the first cycle on puregon was semi successful i had one mature follicle, it was released(i did ovulate) but did not concieve, the second was 3 follicles, they werent going to release but one wasnt mature however after the shot to release i did not ovulate anyway.
then the 3rd time was the charm, there were two mature follicles, they were released and when i got home i noticed a definate change with the mucus(lovely) and knew i was ovulating at that point, turns out i was right! 9 and a bit months later(my little man was comfy) my miricle was born. 9p11oz!!! so my point to all is dont give up! p.s to T.J what state r u in? adelaide has a public fertility clinic running in the flinders med (where i went with peanut) i am now going to repromed as flinders was closed down when we wanted to start trying. another good thing at the mo is the safety net, it helps a lot with the cost. good luck everyone!



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