Extremely Long Cycle
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TJ - March 12

Hi .. I stopped taking birth control in November 2004, and since then I have had a 48 day cycle, and a 42 day cycle, and now I am on day 37 and still no period. I can't believe this, and am finding the very long cycle frustrating as I have no idea when ovulating to try to get pregnant. Has anyone else experienced this after stopping birth control pills? Will I be plagued with this 40+ day cycle forever? While we are TTC, I certainly don't feel pregnant yet.


Myra - March 14

I took Birth control pills for only a month and stoped somtime in november. My last period was in december. I am trying to get pregnant also. I think I may ask my doc for clomid. What do you think?


TJ - March 18

Hi Myra .... have you read any of the other posts about clomid? It seems like it is a pretty invasive drug, which comes with a lot of side effects? My partner and I will TTC for a few more months before considering any kind of intervention .... as difficult as it is to wait to become pregnant. Good luck! Let me know how you go!


Aulani - March 18

Hi I have been experiencing the same thing. I stoped Birthcontrol and have been having 45day cycles. At first it was regular but after 4 months off the pill It has been skiping months. I do not know when I ovulate because of the fact that my cycles are long and unsure of when I am gonna ovulate. Me and my husband have been trying to have a baby since August so If by next Aug we do not get pregnant we will both be going to the doctor. I would say give it at least a year to try and then go to doc. Good Luck


MM - March 18

I had irregular cycles, went on bc & they were regular, went off & they were irregular again. I skip months a lot (a couple of times I have gone 6 months without a period) & my last one was around Dec. 26 - I had a bit of blood Feb. 9 when I wiped & then a little spotting (but not at all a regular period) & I have been having light cramps & tingling nipples. I think I might test tomorrow morning.


fernanda - March 19

I highly recommend you chart your temperature. My cycles are relatively regular varying from 32-35 days but charting my morning temp has shown my luteal phase and also when I am about to ovulate. I also have ovulated late in some cycles....charting helps!!


TJ - March 22

Day 48 and still no AF! And no sign of it either. Going to dr. tomorrow to discuss alternatives for TTC.


TJ - March 23

Went to doctor, and immediately she has put me through to get an ultrasound and some blood work to test for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.


Maria - March 23

Dear TJ,

My name is Maria, and I think I'm pregnant! My cycle is between 34-38 days long, last one one 36 days and the longest was 38 days, and I really don't get cramps just so pressure.Anyways,I had sex on day 7 and day 9 and my cycle are long and I think I'm pregnant! Women,who have irregular cycles like you and like me ovulate all ove the place each month,Lol! Don't give up just try! Believe me ovulation calenders don't work for me! I followed one for 3 months and NO success! So,keep trying!


TJ - March 23

Hi Maria! Thanks for your encouraging words. It is early days for my husband and I! I think it will be peace of mind to see the ultrasound and have the blood work done. Please keep me posted if you are indeed pregnant. That would be amazing news!


Lisa - March 24

Hi TJ. I had been on birth control for several years. Before going on them, I had a very irregular cycle. One year, I had my period in February then had it again in June. 2 weeks after I got my period, I was nauseous and found out that I was 8 weeks pregnant and had a beautiful healthy baby. I think that even if you don't get your period, you still ovulate. My hubby & I have been trying for a year to conceive our 2nd child and are having difficulties because of my irregular cycle. I have the Maybe Baby, which tells you when you are fertile. It seems to work. I got pregnant once in that one year period but miscarried. Just keep trying.. there's hope & good luck to you!


chantelle - March 26

Dear TJ, my cycles were regualr and for a good 6 months then I noticed that my days between cycles were getting longer (42-60 days) I didn't take much notice of until my last period in December last year and I am still currently waiting for it. My doc reckons that I may have Polycistic Ovaries, but has not formally given me an ultra sound to identify it, however bloods tests show slight increase in hormones. The question that I would like to know is why would my doc prescribe clomid before having a u/s ? I have tested today (4th month) and still showed up negative. Should I be asking for a U/S first????


stacey - March 28

My cles used to be 30 days, then I had a m/c. My last cycle was 40 days- with only a 6 day luteal phase. Hopefully my cycles will become more regular!!


stacey - March 28

that was supposed to say my cycle...


TJ - March 30

Had a pelvic ultrasound, and still have to wait to compare this to the blood test results in a few days. BUT, here are the results of my ultrasound .... Right ovary 3.2 X 2.4 X 1.6 CM, including 20 identifiable follicles, largest 5 mm. Left ovary, 3.7 X 1.5 X 1.1 CM, including 16 readily identifiable follicles, largest 5 mm. Volume of right ovary about 6.4 cc, left 3.3cc. Ovaries possibly but not necessarily polycytsic. Clinical correlation necessary. Still not sure what it all means, but anyone who has any advice, please feel free to comment.


TJ - April 1

Dear Chantelle, Understand your concerns! I will let you know how I go after the u/s and blood test is evaluated which will be on Tuesday next week. From what I understand, with PCOS, you must have both an u/s AND blood tests to confirm whether you are indeed PCOS. From the rx of my doctor at the first visit, I was under the impression that if there was a positive correlation, I would be put on a fertility drug such as clomid. It is very frustrating, and I am just happy I have had an open minded female doctor who understands what I am going through!! And she has been expedient to recommend testing. The frustration will continue to mount until I am pregnant, but in my heart of hearts, I know that my patience will be met with a miracle!!


yissy - April 4

hi i use the birth control pills for 3 months then i stop.now i been with out a period for 6 month and did a pregnancy test las friday and it was positive im 6 weeks pregnant how can that be with no period for 6 months



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