Experienced IUI Ladies!!!!!!!
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Jaqi - March 26

Can anyone, who has had IUI done, give me some advice! I am worried of the great risk of tubal pregnancy or anything of that matter! I know it is cheaper than IVF BUT I became really worried when the doctor suggested possibly trying IUI! Your help would be greatly appreciated!


dea - March 26

JAQI- it's cheaper, easier and not that uncomfortable. What will happen will happen--- Good Luck


Lynn - March 26

Jaqi....you cannot prevent anything that is going to happen from happening. I did 2 IUI's with clomid...no success. I did 1 IUI with injections...had success which ended in an ectopic (tubal) pregnancy. No real reason why other than injections slow the eggs from traveling throught your tube. Like dea said, if it is going to happen, it will. Many people have had an IUI and nothing but a BFP came out of it. I will tell you if my insurance would not have changed what it covers, I would be doing it all over again. Just have an open mind and yes it is much cheaper than IVF. good luck


J - March 26

Jaqi, I did one cycle of IUI and got pregnant from it (this was after 3 1/2 years of trying naturally with no results). From what I understand, there is a slightly increased risk of tubal pregnancy, but it's not a significant risk. I am almost 35 weeks pregnant now and my pregnancy has been a dream. I didn't have any complications from the IUI itself other than a little bit of cramping, which subsided pretty quickly. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. I know it's scary, but it is sooo worth it if it works. Good luck to you.


Jaqi - March 26

Hey J, what were your problems conceiving? I have endo and possibly PCOS. I am glad your doing well!!!!


amy - March 26

I had IUI 7 times, 1 BFP which ended in m/c last Feb....then I got pregnant on my own in December and am now 15 weeks! My MD never told me that IUI had an increased risk of ectopic pregnancy....Good luck to you! Don't give up hope!



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