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Patty - October 4

I had IUI two days ago and I am simply exhausted. I have been really taking it easy, perhaps it is stress, but I just wondered if it is because I am done with all the meds or what. I fell asleep in the car in the garage today. Thanks for any thoughts.


to Patty - October 4

we started an iui 2 week wait thread if you want to read up on what we're all going through. some days i feel a bit more tired than usual but not overly but depending on how many follicles released on your ovulation day the nurse told me it can make you feel lots of different things.


neha - October 4

hey how much does IUI cost? is it expensive. even i was thinking of doin IUI & i m a lil nervous too.


TC - October 4

Just the IUI where I am getting mine was $360. The expensive part is the sonos you need and possibly the meds depending on what you take. Clomid is inexpensive.


isa - October 4

my iui was 400, my clomid 10 pills $80, my shots are $13.50 each, (I use 3 per day- i sent my prescription to Europe to get them or they are $60/each here...I got the info etc from the fertility doc), hcg shot $75. estrogen pills just under $20, progesterone suppositores $25 for 12 and i use 2 /day.The rest is covered by health plan (all bloodwork and ultrasounds etc).


Patty - October 5

Feeling a little more energetic today.



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