Excuse my ignorance, but what does BD stand for?
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A - October 5



Rowan - October 5

Baby dance.......I better way of saying intercourse. Hope this helps.


amanda - October 5

its not ignorance.there are alot of abbrevations that you have to learn, it took me months to figure them all out because i was to scared to ask.lol


A - October 5

Thank you both :)


HotRodGurl - October 5

I always thought it was baby dust...but baby dance and baby dust are the same thing right? lol....funny...oh well...I was on the right track...lol...


Clara - October 5

Baby Dust is like magic dust to help you conceive. Basically, it's well wishes. A little helpful list is on www.babycenter.com and type in acronyms in the search. There is a whole list that will help you.


L - October 5

sometimes you wish they gave out all the new codes for new comers.



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