EWCM, but OPK negative????????
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Gill - October 4

Just wondering if anyone ever had ewcm, but negative opk? Does that mean Im not ov. Thanks


Cendy - October 4

Gill, I would try testing at different times throughout the day. I get more of my +s in the am than in the afternoon like most women. You may be missing it if you are only testing once a day. Good Luck! BABY DUST!


sherry - October 4

what time is best to test? i have been in the afternoon.

also to gill, i would bd regardless, if ii got that mucus. it won't hurt and it is a big ovulation sign! good luck and bd your hearts out:) sherry


Gill - October 4

Thanks girlsI. I test twice a day everyday. No luck yet. I just want to know if there is such a thing to have ewcm without actually ov.


isa - October 4

i've tried different brands and the cheaper brands always show neg for me. I use clear blue easy. I always got my positives between 4 and 5 each day. Check the instructions, many of them say to use between certain hours ie mine are between 2-8 but can use as early as 10 am. Don't use first morning urine on mine but others said its ok. If you see ewcm consider it more correct than the tests and have fun!


Cendy - October 4

I have had the best luck with the First Reponse and Answer OPK test sticks. I do not recommend the new Answer Ovulation Predictor kit that has 20 strips in them. It has been my situtation that you cannot even hardly see the test line much less the other one. I agree the more expensive brand OPKs are more reliable. BABY DUST!



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