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Amy - July 13

Hello. Ok, I think I remember that a sign of ovulation was the ewcm. Is that correct? The reason I am wondering is because i have been experiencing some mild cramps on my lower right side today and then just a lil bit ago, I went to the bathroom to check for cm. Well, i have most definately got the ewcm. So, does that mean i am ovulating right now or will be soon? Thanks for any advice. :)


Nancy - July 14

If you have ewcm and have mild cramps that mean you are ovulating. Do bd today and tomorrow just to make sure you hit it.


Amy - July 14

Thanks nancy. how long does ovulation last though?


Mimi - July 14

The ovum can live anywhere from 12 to 24 hours. The sperm, however, can live up to 72 hours. The best time to have intercourse is when you have ewcm. That is your most fertile time. Good luck to you. :)


Nancy - July 14

Hi Amy, Mimi is correct we are only ovulating for 12-24 hours in a given cycle. So if you know that you are ovulating on that particular day. BD right away.


Amy - July 14

What about the day before? Could that help chances if you did not the day of? my hubby wasn't feeling well the 12th which is when i noticed the ewcm and believed i ovulated. but, we bd the 8th, 10th and the 11th. also again on the 13th. could my chances still be good? or not a chance at all?



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