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Joelle - August 29

this is VERY embarrassing, but here goes: Im on clomid, and I don't notice any ewcm on or around the time I ovulate. But if I am very sexually excited, my cm changes and it it is very ewcm! But this is at any time in my cycle. My question is is this normal, and should I always try and be excited BEFORE we try for conception? Do you think it will help my chances? Please help me with this!!!


dee - August 30

The ewcm comes only once per month. What you are describing is natural lubricant that women produce. I too am on clomid. I am on day 15 and still no ewcm. Last month I had some but only for one day.This was due to taking Robitussin(cough syrop) the day after your last pill. 2 teaspoons three times a day. it will make your cm thinner. Good luck.


christy - September 3

Joelle, one of the side effects of clomid is decreased ewcm. the cm when excited is different than the pre ovulation type. it looks, feels, and stretches like eggwhites. Robitussin cough syrup is an expectorant and thins the mucus in your lungs. ( and everywhere else) This may be a good remedy for you. However check the label before you buy and make sure it is the plain Robitussin. Do not get the night time kind or any with antihistamines which Dry up mucus. Hopes this helps. Best of luck!



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