EW CM, HSO CP, Right side pain, BUT bleeding ????
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vilandra - May 1

Hi guys,

I am on CD31 of my cycle. I don't temp so can't say if and when I might have O'd. But my cycles had been lengthening the past few month .. 28, then 29, then 32, the last cycle was 34.

This monring I satrted spotting, then started bleeding dark red. Not a ful flow, but do need a panty liner.

BUT .. my CP is high, soft and open and I have alot of egg white cervical mucous. The cm is the consistency of raw egg white and stretches several inches between my finger and thumb. It looks as tho is would be clear, but it is discolored to dark red becuase it is totally mixed with blood. Sorry if that is gross !

My AF should have been due this week, likely Wed or Fri depending if I am having a 34 or 32 day cycle.

I did have alot of stress this month, along with travelling (death in the immediate family).

I also had a very, very light AF last time (2 days of extreemly light flow followed by a few days of light spotting).

Could I be ovulating late and expereincing ovulation bleeding???? Would ovulation bleeding be dark red and look like AF?

If not, why do have a high soft CP and EWCM at AF time???



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