everything is new , i'm lost and confused HELP!
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jenn - January 10

my fience and i have been trying to get pregnant. I haven't have normal periods since i started getting them when i was 13 , i'm a little over wieght for my age , and that is the excuse i get everytime i go to the docs. to ask why i'm never on time or i miss a month or two. I've never been preg before so this is all new to me. What am i doing wrong? should i go to a doctor and get meds to help me get preg.? I am hoping to have a child before my wedding that way my child is in our wedding......

any advise would be great , i'm scared that i may not be able to have children! i'm only 20 so ? any advise would be great ! thank you


jg - January 10

How long have you been trying for? If you are only a little overweight then that's probably not a major contributing factor to not getting pregnant. You will need to get a referral to an oby/gyn to look into things further. I certainly wouldn't put off your wedding just so that your child could be in it, especially if you think there may be problems in conceiving.


jenn - January 10

we've been trying for the past 5 months and nothing is happening?
oh we aren't but we are hoping to have a child before , we don't have a date yet but we know if we can't get preg before we pick a date then whatever happens happens....


jg - January 10

At your age doctors will not investigate further until you have been trying for at least 12 months, as that is about the average time it takes to get pregnant. The thing they may look into though is your irregular periods. There are lots of reasons for that, also lots of solutions, so if you are worried, get the referral to a specialist.



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