Everyday or Every other day
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Lori - December 5

I was wondering if we should try every single day or every other day.I have heard do it every day and i have heard do it every other day.Any advise on this?


me - December 8

It depends on your hubbys sperm count. If normal you can have sex every day. However, if you do it every ohter day, it gives the sperm a chance to have a higher volume count, which is always better. We had sex every other day around the time we ovulated and got pregnant. My hubby had a normal sperm count too. When in doubt, do it every other day. Statistics have shown that there is only a slight chance of increasing pregnancy by doing it every day, so why chance losing the volume. Every other day is my advice. Good luck!


Lori - December 8

Me thankyou so much i will try that unless any one else has any other advise on this.I have not had my husbands sperm count checked so i will try every other day thankyou for your help.


Karen - December 9

Hi, my doc told me every other day. Good Luck!



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