every other day?
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KSM - December 9

if there is only a 24 hour window of when you ovulate and you know when you do (opt test), do you still have to have sex every other day?


MuzikGurl - December 9

KSM, so far you are right about the 24 hour window and ovulation the key is try to have sex a few days right before the OPK test is really positive even during a faint positive (if you have those pee stick ones..)...and then after you get the positive still try to have sex a few days ( my DH and I do it everyday for a week..lol..when I get those "pains" but, find out just either gas or af or pcos symptoms)...cause sperm can live inside I believe up to 5 days but i read some where it can stay alive for 7 days...so, if you have sex a little before dark pos. on OPK then his little swimmers should still be "waiting" and just incase do it a few days after because your egg may not have made it's way to where it needs to be yet during that 24 hour window some OPK's usually warn you that ovulation is very highly possible within the next 48 hours so, you have some time to plan if you want. Good luck and baby dust!



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