Ever feel like your not ment to have a baby?
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Jessica Lynn - December 2

hi i'm jessica i am 19 years old. i've been married for a year and a half. i had my first miscarriage one month after being married so that was in june 2004 , on november 2004 i found out i was preg again. i carried my little guy for 37 weeks. i had him on july 25th 2005 on aug 9th2005 he passed away, the doctors thought it was sids , but on nov 29th i got a call and had to go see the doctors. i had strep b but when i was tested for it it said i didnt have it, so, the doctors arent sure if it was from me, or if he had gotten it somewhere else. but in sept i found out i was preg again but then soon after finding out i had another miscarriage. we werent trying to have a baby in sept but, just the thought of losing another child. i dont feel that even when we are ready, that we should even try again..
anyways thank you for listening


dea - December 2

Jessica: you are meant for a baby. There are reasons for everything...I truly believe it. In the end it will make better sense even though it may still hurt. Your time will come again. Stay on top of the Strep B thing....it would be horrible to have something preventable happen. My wishes for a healthy pregnancy and life for your baby (because you WILL have one again). Don't feel defeated. Chin Up. When you are ready- you will try again. Best wishes...


me - December 2

I know it probably doesn't help right now, but when you feel like you are ready again to try, my advice to you is to get some chromosomal testing and endometrial testing done. These kind of tests are done when you have 2 or more miscarriages. If there is a problem with either of those htings, something can probably be done to help you sustain the pregnancy. I know it is not much consolation now, but I figured I would throw that out there so you can discuss it with your dr to get more information and see if it is a possibility for you. It will happen for you, it already has, even if for a brief moment. Stay strong and baby dust to you. :)


ashlee - December 21

hey jessica im 19 yrs old too. im really sorry to hear about your losses jessica. i, at times too feel like im not ment to have a baby. just hang in there im sure it will happen to you and everyone one else in this forum at one point of another. i have had one m/c and i cant even imagain what it would be like to lose a baby at 37 weeks. my m/c a 8 weeks was painful enough emotionally. you're a strong girl jessica, just hang in there alright. baby dust to you my dear.


kos - December 22

i too feel the same way. i am 22 years old and have been trying for a year and a half now. i am truly sorry for your loss! i understand where your coming from though for feeling like you're not meant to have children. i have never been pregnant...and some days i feel like i never will be. as horrible as it sounds-at this point i would almost welcome a miscarraige because at least then i would know that i have the ability to become pregnant. but i cant even get pregnant! i feel like i fail my dh every month because of this. he managed to get his ex pregnant (she lost it though), so we both know he's not the reason for our infertility. last month i even broke down and told him that if he truly wants a family that i did not want to be the reason he can not have one because i would rather carry my burden alone. please do not get your hopes down as you do have the ability to have children-you are still young and have plenty of time to figure out what's wrong, fix it, and get back to trying again. i suggest you do what "me" said and get some extensive testing done to see what may be causing the problem. remember we are all here for you if you need to let some steam off or anything. i wish the best of luck to you and i hope that your next pregnancy is healthy and happy!


ashlee - December 22

kos, i before i fell pregnant with my m/c i was the same, thinking, 'at least if i even had a m/c at least then i would know that i could get pregnant' but when that became a reality i could wish for anything but! it was the worst experience of my life and i would rather not know if i could have kids then go through that. because the moment you find out you are pregnant, you feel this immideate love and warmth for your child within. you are filled with excitement and so happy that this is finally happening!! And when you lose it yoiu feel empty like you've lost a part of yourself. but i know where you are coming from. but if you ever do have a m/c (lets hope you dont!!) you will change your mind in an instant. yeh, i know i can get pregnant, but really i dont know if i am able to carry a baby to full term. so really i dont think that having a m/c gives you any more hope... good luck kos. baby dust to you!! `*~*~*~*



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