Evening Primrose Oil
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Mialso - July 5

Hi to all! I wanted to inquire if anyone here has ever used or know of anyone who tried the EPO to make your cm more favorable to the sperm. I did research and it says to use it from time of menstruation until the time you ovulate but to stop using it afterwards in case conception has taken place b/c EPO causes contractions to the uterus. I am 41 years old and this is my second marriage. I do have 2 children and for that I am very much thankful. However, getting pregnant for me the 1st time around was not easy either so I am very much aware of the pain and heartache that comes with years of infertility. Even though it turned out that my ex husband had the problem, the years of trying and waiting were very excrutiatingly painful for me..and a very depressing tim e. Now in my second marriage we would like to try once again. I truly wish you all the best and good luck and baby dust to you all!



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