Evening Primrose Oil
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soimpatient - February 1

Is anyone taking Evening Primrose Oil to help with infertility? What are your experiences? Any side effects? Thanks a bunch!


Cendy - February 1

Soimpatient, I took EPO and got pregnant within three months. I stopped taking the Clomid and started taking the EOP for my CM which was very dry. The EPO gave me EWCM and I think this helped with conception. I don't think I had any side effects except for a little cramping. It does cause uterine contractions so you have to stop taking it once you have your Ovulation and then start again if you AF shows. I hope this helps. BABY DUST!!!


katie - February 2

i read you are only suppose to take it upintill ovulation or it can cause cervial contractions?


soimpatient - February 3

Thanks for the input. I guess I'll give it a try!



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