evening primrose ? ever heard of this ?
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dee - July 15

im at the end of my rope on the waiting game .i feel like im slipping into depression.
i ve been crying all day over my neg.test this morning.i cry all the time, i get upset not just over this but lots of things .. i heard that e.primrose can help anyone heard of this?


Anna - July 15

Hi Dee! Sorry, about your bfn! I'm sure it's very frustrating for you right now. How long have you been ttc? I don't remember the exact function of Primrose, but I used to give it to my geriatric patients for a variety of reasons. Alzheimers,arthritis, etc...Here is a web site that can give you info. on Primrose. It looks pretty reliable and I did note that infertility was listed under some of the ailments that it treats. Good luck and hope this helps! ***BABY DUST***


jen - July 15

Evening Primrose oil helps increase cervical mucus. If you are trying to conceive, do not take it after ovulation. I have been studying Eastern Med for years,and that is the recommendation....


Binx - July 15

Dee, I can totally relate with you!!! On Wednesday I got a very faint positive...then today I got a BFN! I think I may have had a chemical pregnancy. I am so upset! I have spent a great deal of time this morning looking EPO up on the net. It is supposed to help you produce fertile mucus. I am going to try it this month. The recommended dose is 1000 - 3000mg a day. I think I will start with about 1500mg. It is also recommended to stop taking it after "o". Put in a search for "evening primrose oil and trying to conceive" and you should find lots of info. Lots of luck to us next month. Try to keep your head up, even though I know it is very hard. ~baby dust~


Another Dee - July 15


Have you ever thought of SAM-e. I've been TTC for 3 1/2 years with two losses. I'm also 39 which doesn't help. When I started to feel like I was beginning to lose hope and become depressed, I took SAM-e and it made a huge difference. Just a thought.



dee - July 15

thanks to everyone who answered
i did have a chemical pregnancy last month so when i started today it wasnt a surprize i was just so dissapointed as i have been each month..thanks for the support and good luck to you all...



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