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Sarah - September 16

I'm trying to get pregnant but my boyfriend is almost always using condoms. Sometimes we have sex without condoms but he always pulls out. Is it possible that I'm infertile?


Iona - September 17

It sounds like you are trying to get pregnant without your boyfriend's knowledge and this really isn't a good idea. If it's your intention to get pregnant you should discuss it with your boyfriend first. If he is using condoms, chances are he isn't looking to become a father.


Lisa - September 21

I think you're psycho! I totally agree with Iona -- this guy doesn't want to have babies with you. He obviously knows what kind of psycho you are.


annonymous - July 15

she's not psycho. i completely understand where she's coming from. the idea of having a child is so exciting. it's really hard though when you know that your partner is not ready or willing. that does not make you psycho though, it just makes you human.



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