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Maya, - April 6

My dr wants me to take estrogen supplement(I use the viginal ring) even after ovulation so that that my lining remains thick and implantation can occur. IS this a normal procedure? I thought the luteal phase need not have estrogen.


isa - April 6

I was twice put on estradial estrogen from cd10 because my lining was too thin from the clomid.I dont do clomid any more because of that reason now. Within a day or 2 of starting the estrogen my lining was good but without it we would have had to cancel my cycles.


Maya, - April 6

Thanks for your response isa. I wanted to know if you had the estrogen from cd 10 till your next period?


isa - April 7

Hi Maya, the first month I was on it from cd 10 for 14 days, and the next month it was from cd10 for 10 days. Both months different amounts though. I think it was 2mg the 2nd month and 4mg the first month but off hand I cant exactly remember. One thing I did notice was I slept better (I have sleep issues) and I was warmer (I have the "always cold" issue).



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