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kevinsmom - February 14

i just did my 3rd IUI this month, 1st clomid cycle. they also put me on estrodial to build up my uterine lining. i was wondering if anyone else is on this drug? i have been taking it for about a week vaginally 2x a day. i had my IUI on sat, but since sun i have had the worst breast pain and tenderness and also darkening of my breasts. it seems too early to be a pregnancy symptom, since i am only 3dpo. but it is driving me crazy b/c it reminds me of when i was preg w/my DS. so i was wondering if anyone else has taken it and has had these symtoms? I know you can have breast tenderness but the darekening? and tenderness doesn't even begin to describe how much they hurt...
thanks, gina


isa - February 14

I have been on it twice (pill form) when I was on clomid b/c clomid thinned my lining too much also. It will cause breast tenderness because it is estrogen and it is a side effect of high estrogen. I had sore nipples, even shirt rubbing on them hurt and they were what I call porn star nipples. Within 3 days of finishing the pills the soreness left. I didnt have any of the darkening though



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