eptopic and chlamydia ?
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trisha06 - July 15

I had chlamydia when I was in highschool years ago. I took care of it. I am now married and want to start having kids. I had a eptopic pregnancy about 3 yrs ago. We have been trying for about 7months now. Can anyone give me some good news about my situation? Can I still get pregnant after having chlamydia and an eptopic pregnancy?


Lynn - July 15

trisha.....i have never had chlamydia but did have an ectopic pregnancy followed by emergency surgery and loosing my right tube in Sept of 05. i am currently almost 11 weeks pregnant from a natural cycle. so it is possible. good luck.


slowpoke01 - July 15

yes you can still get pregnant after having an ectopic and chlamydia only thing with chlamydia you may want to ask your doc if you may need to have an hsg dye test to make sure your tubes arent blocked because i have heard that chlamydia may leave scarring



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