Endos/ Laparoscopy
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Angie - December 21

Hello, guys.
I have just found out that I have an endometriosis. I am going to have a laparoscopy in next month.

My RE told me that my hubby and I can have IUI soon as I have my period after I recover from the surgery.

And I am wondering how soon I will have a period. If anyone here have been through the same procedure, please give me your idea.

I am trying to be patient, but it seems to me that I have to wait forever.



medi12 - December 21

YEAH ! Another one ! I am scheduled to go in for my laparoscopy on January 4th. Dr told me we need to try the same month. so-- based on my cycle, Im thinking that s about 4 days post-op.

From what I understand, we will have our period like normal that same month.


eb - December 21

I had lap done in sept for blocked tubes and they found endo, I had a normal period that same month.


melissa - December 21

My period came at it's normal time after my LAP.


Angie - December 21

Thank you for your information.


Ann - December 22

Angie, my af came on schedule, too, after my lap. However, my dr didn't do my first round of clomid and iui until the next month. That may be because I had come complications, though. I had blood pooling in my stomach, the endo was in two places they didn't expect (had to call in two additional surgeons during the surgery), and my skin tore about an inch from my belly button where they went in. I am not trying to scare you or anything. The recovery was not bad at all (aside from being really sick from the anesthesia), even with all the additional problems. My dr also told me that sometimes the lap can make your af start soon after, so the wait could be up to a month (i.e. only an additional two weeks).


recent lap - December 22

i had a lap last month. my doctor had me wait two weeks before sex and i have to say that was the minimum for me. with the pain from the carbon dioxide in my stomach, the incisions and the general pain inside the first week was a little rough for me. your cycle often gets screwed up due to the anesthesia anyway - i didn't ovulate until day 20 which was 15 days post op for me. i also didn't bleed right after surgery, it took 3 days then i bleed like a period for 5 days then spotted for 5 days. i am 8 dpo and waiting to test next week. good luck all. oh and p.s. the doctor said i only needed two days off from work but the third day after surgery was pretty painful, not to mention none of my clothes fit with my bloated stomach!


Angie - December 23

Thanks, ladies. Now I am getting scared though.


Ann - December 23

I am sorry Angie! I am probably the one that scared you the most. Like I said, even with the additional hassles, it wasn't bad to recover from the lap. I just figure it is always good to have all the info you can going into something. I agree with "recent lap" about the recovery time. My dr said it would be a couple days, but I ended up needing 5 (mainly due to the anesthesia, though). Good luck with your lap. I am sure it will go fine, and it will be worth it when you get pg!! Let everyone know how it goes.


Melissa - December 23

Don't be scared Angie! I am a big whimp when it comes to medical procedures, but made it through the LAP fine & recovered quickly. You'll do great!


kc - December 23

I had the procedure done twice and both times af arrived as scheduled. The procedure is not too bad. I would make sure you take the day afterward off to recoup. I made the mistake of working the day after. You will feel a little sore but it really is not too bad. Ask them to give you something for nausea. The first time I had a horrible upset stomach from the anestesia. The second time they gave me meds. and I wasn't even the slightest bit sick. Just very sleepy. Which was a plus. I slept the entire day and night away. But like I said I would take the next day off and plan on loafing on the sofa, reading a good book or watching tv. Your body will need the rest. Good Luck and don't be scared. The outcome is worth the few days of discomfort.


JamieP - December 23

I had that procedure. I had it in July. I didnt have a period that month due to surgery and my cycle was achually 55 days long, so I didnt have my period until the end of august. Just letting ya know.


Angie - December 23

Thank you so much for all the information.



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