Endometriosis-what are the chances of pregnancy?
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patrizia - September 30

hi--i am completely heartbroken. i had a lap on march 30 to remove all my cysts and all my endo. then early september started injections to ovulate with monitoring. i had to stop last week because my RE said i didnt respond well . then tells me my endo has grown back a bit and added other fertility injections. i knew the road would have been hard and long but i feel hopeless now. does anyone have endo and is pregnant or knew anyone that has had a successful pregnancy with endo ? all advice and thoughts are really needed !


kotkot005 - September 30

does endo appears on the ultrasound? it is really weird .. did your doctor tell you that the endo grew after checking you on ultrasound? do not panic i have heared lots of success stories of women with endo got pregnant .. stay strong


bj - October 2

Hey, patrizia. I'd like to tell you a little bit of my story. I'll do a "quick" version. First of all, please know that there is hope. I was diagnosed with PCOS and stage 4 endometriosis.(which from what my doctor said, is the worst stage) My nurse was showing me pictures of my lap surgery, and basically told me that me tubes were pretty much damaged. She wasn't real optimistic, so needless to say, I was devastated. Well, after the surgery, my doctor put me on shots called Lupron. It is supposed to put you in a menopaual state. (To keep your periods from coming) It's suppose to get rid of any endo that the doctor couldn't see. My doctor also said that it would help my insides be more healthy if I were to get pregnant. Well, I was on the shots for about 5 months. My doc said that I responded really well to them. He then put me on birth control (just to get my periods started again) He wanted me to have 2 cycles, then check to see if my tubes were clear. (One of them had been blocked because of the endo). I was a little nervous, but I was trusting God. Well, my tubes were clear, and two weeks later, I got pregnant. I had the surgery on October 7, 2005. I am now 20 weeks pregnant, and everything is going great. So.........there is hope. Please don't give up. I thought there was no hope for me, but I'm halfway through my pregnancy. I hope all goes well. I will be getting on this site from time to time, so I look forward to hearing some good news soon!


patrizia - October 3

hi bj---congrats !!!!!!!!! your story was very nice to hear ! i just started my 2nd month of injections this morning because af arrived yesterday. this month my RE is having me do--2 viales in themorning of MENEGON ( in my rear) and 2 viales at night of PUREGON. so hopefully i do start to respond a bit ! the hard part is also my RE doesnt sound so omptimistic. that really hurts. i am completey in gods hands right now. good luck !


bj - October 4

Well, it's good to hear that something is being done. I'm praying all goes well!


skeeter - October 6

A very good friend of mine was first diagnosed with endometriosis in high school. It's flared up from time to time over the past 10 years, but it didn't stop her from conceiving 3 wonderful little boys. Good luck and baby dust to you!!


Joy16 - October 27

Hi Patrizia:

I too have stage 4 endo. I have had two surgeries this year with the last one bein in August 2006. I don't get it inside my organs which is a good thing but it is like a spider web so everything inside gets tangled up and that is why we don't get pregnant until we have had the surgery. I too am trying to get pregnant. I was put on Lupron shots for 6 months like BJ, but I still have not gotten my period. I am supposed to get it soon so that I can start getting pregnant. I also don't have cysts. I was first diagnosed with endo when I was 25 and I had my first surgery then. After 2 years of trying to get pregnant without succes, I went to the doctor and they did an HSG and found that my tubes were clear so they decided to do a lap and found that the endo had returned. I am 31 and hopefully I can start trying soon. I also bought the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor. It is expensive, but it is supposed to be very effective. I hope we can keep writing back and forth and hopefully we will get pregnant soon. We just have to have faith.


patrizia - October 27

hi joy16. well---in this past month my situation got even more complicated. i did start my 2nd month of injections. i was doing 2 injections a day, i was responding a bit---however, when i went for my day 10 scan my RE had me completely STOP treatment because they suspect my endo grew back . now on oct 31st i have to go in for a ecofluessometro and i already went in for the various blood tests. so after these results i really have no idea about what is next.


ITSABOY - November 9

I have endo and i have a 2 month old baby you can get pregnant and when you do it may cure your endo i think it has mine.


Tink - November 9

i am hoping for success. i just had a lap three weeks ago. i thought they couldn't see endo through scans, they can only see it and know for sure if you do indeed have it by doing a lap. sure, they can suspect you have it based on symptoms like irregularity and pain, but they RE told me the only way to know for sure was to do the lap, that scans simply don't show it. My ob/gyn never saw it or mentioned it to me in all my years going to her. it wasn't until i mentioned my irregularity and painful PMS to my RE that he suspected (and I did indeed have it). lap revealed 5 spots of mild endo, 2 cysts and a swollen ovary which was drained. he said my chances are a lot better now that I had the lap last month. i am hoping he is right and this cycle is the magic one. now on CD18!


meghan - November 9

Patrizia, I just had an ultrasound done at my RE s office today , they found a cyst in my ovary which is a endometrioma so answer to your question is I guess some times they can find it on ultrasound but usually diagnosed by lap. I also have fibroids my RE recommended myomectomy and removal of the endometrioma also. All I can say is try to be strong .


chandellina - November 10

my dr said he saw signs of endo on a scan. he showed me on the screen and i could feel the twinge when he moved around that area. he didn't seem to think it was enough to affect me conceiving though??


Tink - November 10

My RE told me no scans could positively identify endo, but i now read that imaging tests can see individual leisons, but can't see the extent of the damage, hence the lap. My RE could see cysts from a previous cycle, but never saw the endometriosis on my scans. i guess it is crapshoot. if they can see it, great! i feel better knowing i had the lap at least and hopefully it doesn't come back at all or quickly. good luck to all you ladies!


patrizia - November 11

while i was doing fsh injections i was stopped on day 11 because of the suspected endo that grew back---luckily i went in for a ecoflussometro exam and they determined that the endo did not grow back and that i have 2 cysts---But i may also a a polip. and i have to go in on friday november 17th for a hysteroscopy exam --(its like a telescope that looks at your uterus). it is such a bumpy ride. exam after exam....the nice positive stories about getting pregnant with endo are great to hear !!!!!!!!!!


Tracy88 - November 12

Scans can only find "chocolate cysts" which are endo, but tha lap is truly the only way to confirm it. The only symptoms of endo I had were that my periods were painful and I just wasn't getting pregnant. I had the lap on July 7th, which revealed endo scattered on my bladder, ovaries, etc. They never told me what stage it was, but it wasn't the worst. Anyway, the lap was successful with cleaning my "baby making house", I took the rest of that cycle off to heal, tried naturally the next cycle (monitored by the doc to see how my body works on its own) that cycle didn't work, then did a cycle of injectables with back to back IUI's in late August. I am currently almost 13 weeks pregnant. I never thought I'd get pregnant. I thought it just wasn't in my cards and really felt like I just couldn't go on with the treatments and such, but that's the month I got pregnant.


patrizia - November 12

thats great news tracy88!---good luck. i had my lap on march 30th 2006 and they did find some endo and they took it out---also they did not tell me what state it was because it wasnt very advanced. i have been doing injections but every month was canceled due to NO response......it is all very depressing. they just cant get me to ovulate. any suggestions from anyone would be great !!!!!


Tink - November 13

So Tracy- you had your lap, took a month off, did a month natural and then did IUI with inj? and the first month with IUI/inj worked? that is awesome! i didn't take a break at all. I had the lap on oct 20th, AF showed on Oct 25th. so we started on oct 25th with our first inj cycle. i am hoping between the follistim and the lap that maybe i'll be lucky this time. i can wish, right? I had 3 mature follies plus a fourth at 12mm a few days before IUI. hopefully one took (or two!). they couldn't tell me what stage i was either, but it wasn't severe. they found endo in 5 spots he said.



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