Endometriosis, anyone who has this or knows something please
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Kimberly - January 27

I have had trouble conceiving for about a year now. I have very painful periods and hurts to use the bathroom only when I'm on my period.
My back hurts when I'm on my period also.
Anyone know if these are symptoms of endometriosis?


Rene - January 28

I'm sorry but I'm going to be honest, yes, those are typical symptoms. Endometriosis can cause you to struggle with conceiving. It also causes pain moreso during period time. If it hurts when you go to the bathroom then maybe the endo is sitting somewhere between your uterus and bladder. I'm not a specialist on this, so maybe I'm wrong, you HAVE to get professional help on this. I also have endo, but with no pain, no symptoms, nothing. My doctor figured out I had endo after two years only, because of the fact that there were no symptoms. I have been trying two years. I really don't mean to discourage you with my story, but endo is bad on ttc. You have to get it treated if you want to conceive. Go immediately! I sincerely hope you don't have it. But if you turn out to have it, you are not alone, one in ten women has it. Lots of luck!!


Rene - January 28

Oh, and this is a good website with information: www.endometriosis.org/


Melissa - February 3

Those sound like the signs. I do have it and experenced simmiliar signs. i received my first pelvic ultrasound and typical it won't show up in one but they found signs on both my overies indicting that i do have it. when i have my period it was extremly painful to the point when i couldn't get out of bed. You should go see your doctor.


melissa - February 3

one other thing to maybe get your hopes up i think i'm pregnant not 100% yet just took the test because i am 12 days late but i did have a positive home test so i go see the doctor to confirm this but i just wnat to let you know it's not hopeless


Rene - February 3

Kimberly, have you been to your doc? Melissa, please keep us updated on whether you are preggo or not, it will certainly give me a bit of hope again. I will hold both thumbs for good news for you!! I have had yet another failed month, but then this month was a bit of a catastrophy anyway, and I want to go bungee jumping in a week or so, that's why it's probably better I'm not preggo yet, I don't think that would have been a good idea if I have conceived. Good luck to both of you, I'd like to hear from you again!


Melissa - February 4

I went to my doctor who confirmed that I am. A one in a million chance but i'm expecting. My due date is the end of sept. I'm very happy this is my mircle baby :)


Rene - February 4

Congratulations to you Melissa! I envy you! But now I'm hopeful! If another woman with Endo got lucky, so can I! I wish you all the best of luck with the pregnancy and giving birth! Don't become a stranger!!


Melissa - February 10

Thank you very much, My doctor also informed me that getting pregnant helps clear it up. I am hopeful for the furture.


Kitty - February 11

My mother-in-law had endometriosis, and they told her she was unable to get pregnant again. She ended up being able to have another child though. She was very lucky. Her mother also had it and now my sister-in-law is having symptoms, she is only 17. She will have an exploritory surgery in March. Hope fully she does not have this. For all of you who do, I am very sorry. But like my mother-in-law and Mellisa, there is still hope.


S5 - February 14

Kim...I have been going throuh these problems too and I have also very painful periods and yes this is signs of endometiosis but also, it does not mean you have it I went thrrough all the tests and surgeries to explore everything inside and there was no sign of endom. I am know still on pain killers to get rid of the pain and I was suppose to get a hyst. to relieve myself of this because I do have three children and have had 3 miscarriages too. ( this pain happened after the last child was born, so miscarraiges did not happen because of these) We have decided to wait and try for one more baby and after I will have the hyst. not everything remove though because my ovaries and tubes are completely clear, I have chose to do this because of the pain and the fact I do not want to take pain killers or other shots or other meds, for the next 20-25 years. I have a very irregular cycle also and it is anywhere from 35 days to almost 3 months so it is diffuclt to know when I will get them , I can tell because of the bloating and gassy and cramping 2-weeks before and my stomach ends up looking like i am 4-5 months preg and the pain I feel when I go to the bathroom is so bad that it brings tears to my eyes, I sleep with a heating pad and any almost immobile at this time. So I totally know what you feel like and also thought that it was endom, I have also been diagnosed with IBS which they thought was at first also endom, so you will need to talk to a doc and hopefully they will do a laporoscopy surgery and look inside your stomach so they can see everything like ovaries , tubes, colon, bladder and uterus and stomach lining, because endom, can attach its self to all these organs and more and you will feel the pain because all these kinds fibers (not the fancy term) will kinds fill with blood and go through the same feeling like the time of the month feelings that is why the pain is felt everywhere, Sorry if I couldn't say yes or no but I thought I would let you know that I know what you are going through and that it is hard to diagnose and also an ultrasound doesn't just do the job I did that and still had to have the surgery to see further. Well I have rambled enough and Hope I didn't scare you but I believe in letting all be known so no surprises and also to say you can still get preg, it is not impossible, I am living proof and also my period was absent for atleast 4 years after my first child , second preg though first one was a miscarriage. Take care and all the best to you


allison - February 24

i just had a laparoscopy done about 9 months ago and found that i had the endometriosis. i also had very bad periods and my symptoms were similar to yours. if u haven't seen a dr. yet, please do. if u have any questions you ca email me at [email protected] :)


tammy - March 4

can it cause you not to have a period.
i have not had one since jan.
tell me


Jessica - March 12

The main symptom of endo is painful sex.


Estee P - March 13

Normally, yes the main symptom of Endo is painful sex. But take note that I have no pain during sex, and I have got Endo. It is possible to have it without any typical signs. The sign in my case was ttc for a long time and nothing happening, so that gave it away, and consequently upon testing it was found.


Samantha - March 23

I also have Endometriosis and was treated for it. My doctor informed me that if we wanted children to start right away. We tried and a year and half later we had a beautiful baby girl who is now 6.


Erin - March 25

I will be 25 in two weeks, I had my diagnostic laporoscopy when I was 23 and they removed a lot of the endometriosis at that time. I had been dealing with the pain and just general uncomforatableness since I was about 16 almost 17. My mother had it, but was fortunate enough to have 4 kids before it really caused a problem and she had to have a hysterctomy. Like I said, I am only 25, I have had a surgery to help reduce my problem but I feel as though it is coming back. I want children more than anything in the world but was told it might be extreamly difficult for me. The scar tissue left behind from the sugery would make it hard for an embryo to attach to the wall. And if the endo is coming back, that makes it even more difficult as well. Ever since I was young, I have set a time frame for my life. I was to be married at 23, have my first child at 24 and my second child before I was 27. I am not married yet, been dating for 7 years (feels like we have been married for 40 :o)) and obviously, no kids yet. I am waiting till I am married to have kids but so many factors are making my dream less and less likely. 1. Who knows if my boyfriend will ever pop the question and 2. The big one, endometriosis.
I guess I am really stressing out now because of some news I received last night. My step sister, who is 16, is pregnant, she is 4 months along. Her older sister, who is now 19, already has 2 kids. The oldest planned it, she wanted kids since she was 13 but physically wasn't ready for them. The 16 year old however, well it wasn't exactly planned. I guess what upsets me most is they are so young, I don't want to say it will ruin their lives, I don't like to think of children that way, but it certainly puts a hault in receiving a decent edjucation. Some young parents still manage to keep school going, but I know my sisters, the oldest dropped out in her freshman year of high school and the 16 year old will drop out as well. Ok, enough of being nice, I am really upset. Here I am, 25, I would do anything to be able to have kids, I have been wanting them since I was little but knew I needed to wait until I was mature enough and financially stable enough to have them. Now I have a medical condition that is going to make it that much more difficult to have kids. Then I have my 2 younger, much younger, siblings who, oops, look what happened, "oh well s#%t happens". It angers me that so many people just take it for granted, like it's not a big deal, they don't understand what a blessing it is to be able to have kids. Then there are people like me who would do anything but can't. ARG! I just want to scream it angers me so much.
I am sorry, I just needed to vent to someone who might understand. I saw the topic on this site, read some of your stories and thought since I have this condition, as others do, someone might have something to say about my rant. Again, I apoligize this is so long and somewhat derails from the main topic but I don't know where else to go. Thank you all for listening and if anyone has any advice or words of encouragement or wants to tell me to shut up, I am up for anything. Thank you again!



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