Endometriosis and pregnancy
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nha - May 19

Does anybody have endo and ahve successfully conceived without IUI or IVF? My sister in law(sil),33 has endo. She hase had 3 miscarriages and 3 laps done. Still no luck. She does not want to go through IVF and her family(in laws ) are very orthodox and don't allow her to adopt a child. She is married for 12 years and its high time now. Shez really fed-up to hear all rubbish from people and tired of all treatments and changing doctors. Is there anyboy who can give some encouraging words?I just want her to be happy and have a baby. I know what shez going thru as I have had problems conceiving but finally conceived and right now 4 months pregnant. Please help us guys!! Any success stories with endo??


nha - May 19



nha - May 19

nobody has endo??


patrizia - May 19

i have read so much about endo lately. it is really hard because i knew it takes a long long time to conceive. i also had a lap done. they found an endo cyst. and were able to get it all out so i do not have to go on lupron but i am still not pregnant. there is hope, but it takes awhileto acheive a successful pregnancy. good luck


greeneyedgemini616 - May 19

Well I have endo but it has caused me not to ovulate so i went on fertlity meds and I am doing IUI's. However my aunt also had endo really bad and after 2 surgeries she conceived sucessfully after 2 surgeries and about 1 year of trying. I also know that it is best to have the babies back to back. It gives the endo less time to build back up. Good Luck!!! Congrats!!!


patrizia - May 19

yes---my surgeon said that if i am hoping--wanting to conceive to try to do it right away . because endo grows back !


nha - May 19

Thanks guys!! As I said in the post that she has had 3 laps.....shud she go in for another one?


Ann1 - May 19

nha, since she has already had 3 miscarriages, an RE would likely do some testing to make sure her endometrium is ok to keep the baby attached. She should also be on progesterone after she gets pg to prevent miscarriage. The RE would likely evaluate whether or not she needs another lap at this point, depending on how bad the endo was and when her last lap was. When you have endo, ivf is a very good alternative. They don't understand exactly how endo affects everything, but ivf is the best alternative. One theory is that something happens to the egg while passing through areas containing endo. If your sil is seeing a RE, he/she has likely performed all the tests, but it is worth asking about. Also sometimes frequent miscarriages can be the result of an incompetent cervix. With some women, the cervix has to be stitched to hold the weight of the baby and the stitches are cut prior to delivery. Hope this helps!


nha - May 19

Thanks Ann! I would definitely ask her to discuss with her dr. She had a lap I think in the end of 2005.


Laura36 - May 20

I was diagnosed with endo at 22 (now 36), fibroids at 28. I have been on the pill since I was 17 (REALLY bad periods). I had a lap done at 24 followed by 6 months of lupron injections. (stops the period) Haven't had to do it again.
I went off the pill TTC 8 months. I had surgery to remove a fibroid blocking one of my tubes. (I still have a few but my Doc says they aren't a threat) Through charting and using OPKs I noticed I ovulate around day 20 and have a short luteal phase. I have been using mucinex and pre-seed because of iffy CM. I asked my doctor about my progesterone levels so she tested me. She said they were okay, but could be better. I started taking prometrium (progesterone pill) and on the very first month success! I am now 7 weeks along! Oh, and did I mention my DH has been working out of town for the past 3 months? I tried to time visits with ovulation. Talk about a miracle! (and thank you modern science!)


nha - May 21

Thanks Laura for sharing your success story and Congratulations on your pregnancy!!



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