Endometriosis and Ovrian Cysts
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danesgirl - June 24

I've had endometriosis for almost 4 years now. I've had one laproscopic surgery... and was put on depo prevara (bc Shot) to help with my period. Although it didn't help like the doc planned. Shortly after surgery, I lost health insurance... About a year later i found out the i have cysts on both my ovaries. For the past year plus a few months, i've been off BC of any type, and my husband are never using protection and seems like we're always at it. Yet still not pregnant. However, i've been late several times, why i'm not sure. I am currently about 7 days late give or take a few and took a cheep hpt and it was negative... any hope i might actually be pregnant? I've been peein every 2 hours it seems maybe 3.. and i've been craving salt and eating like a pig... all i have to say is that its going to suck if i'm not, cause then i'll just be fat. LOL. please help if you can.


Liznette - June 24

hello danesgirl ,well i did had a cyst but when i got pregnant it was a tubal pregnancy....they only took out the pregnancy and the cyst thank God.So i can try getting pregnant in the future but i know is going to be hard..the cyst was doing alot of damage to my ovarian so please try to go to the doctor and do a surgery good luck.


danesgirl - June 25

how am i supposed to do this when i dont have insurance? And the doctors always tell me nothing is wrong when i do go to the ER in the middle of the night when im dying from pain. I just dont know what to do anymore. :(


danesgirl - June 27

So i started my period this morning. :( Any ideas on how to concieve easier? guess now i have to start working out.. to get rid of all that crap i've been eating. :)


Liznette - June 29

Im sorry about that but that happen to me to i always went to the ER crying because of the pain...and nothing. because of the tubal pregnancy when they did the surgery they found the cyst but before they dint want to do nothing......well honey i dint have insurance but they told me to send the bills to the state and they send me an insurance .i know is not that good but it did pay my surgery....ok so your period is the 27 today is the 28 my doctor told me to do this and this is how i got pregnant.....your period is the 27 so mark in your calendar the 27 till july 10 she told me is 14 days including the days of your period when you finish your period does days that are left you try....i know im writing alot but i got my period on the 1 got it for 7 days and got pregnant the 14 the last day to try...


Liznette - June 29

Please go to this page is a calendar you put the day of your period it will tell you when are you ovulating!
Pinpoint your fertile days with FertilityFriend.com


Liznette - June 29

Pinpoint your fertile days with FertilityFriend.com


danesgirl - June 29

liznette, thank you sooo much, i'm going to go check out that site right now.



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