endometriosis and lupron depot
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bj - December 9

Is anyone here on Lupron Depot shots for endometriosis?


lizelle - December 12

Yes, I had Lupron shots for six months.It has been 2 months since the last one.I'm awaiting my first period. Then another one and then hopefully IVF.


bj - December 14

Hi Lizelle. Did your doctor say how long before you would get your first period? I go in tomorrow for my 3rd shot.


Lizelle - January 8

Hi , sorry it took me this long to respond. I had my first peroid Dec 29th, 2005. It would be 2 months and two weeks after my last lupron shot. I was in terrible pain and had to get narcotics cause nothing else took the pain away. I was expection to bleed for about 3 to 4 weeks, but I had my normal 8 day cycle. How long do you have to take the lurpon shots? How severe is your endo? I must honestly say that my pain got worst instead of better... But the IVF doc wanted me to get the lupron and a lap, a laparotomy and another lap, before he would even consider doing any fertility treatment. He said that at that time that my health is more important than getting pregnant , which I didn't agree to but now I know if I didn't go through all of that the procedure would not have worked. So one more to go and then IVF... Feel free to asked me anything you want to, I got alot of information on this forum. This is maybe the hardest time of your life and you should know that here is alot of friends and prayers for all of us right here, cause where all going through the same thing. So I hope to heat from you soon. Good luck with the lupron.... HOW ARE THE HOT FLASHES???? Baby dust.


bj - January 9

Hey Lizelle! I just had my fourth shot. Hopefully, just two more. I have stage 4 endo, which is the worst. Sorry you're having so much pain. I have been really blessed with the hot flashes. It wasn't really until yesterday (and remember I'm on my fourth shot) that I had any hot flashes. I go in again for my 5th shot on the 26th of this month. I'm ready for it to be over, so we can start trying again. It's hard sometimes to keep your patience. Well, you're in my prayers. I can't wait to hear your good news! Keep me posted!


To bj From Joy - January 10

Hi there. I just had a laparoscopy done yesterday and I will be starting the lupron shots in two weeks. I had endometriosis before and was on the shots before as well. This laparoscopy the doctor removed as much as he could, however, I have some endo left which has the colon attached to the reproductive organs and I also have to have my appendix out because it is covered in endo. I have to have this surgery in 6 months after I am done with the lupron shots. He said that I would be able to have babies after that surgery since I do not have it in my tubes, ovaries or uterus. Otherwise, if I cannot get pregnant before it comes back again, I would have to do IVF. IVF is really expensive and I don't know what I am going to do if I cannot get pregnant on my own. I am a little depressed right now but I just have to have faith I guess. I will be back to getting hot flashes soon. My last shots of lupron gave me hot flashes and also some depression, but I got my period the month after I stopped with the shots. I wish everyone the best of luck.


bj - January 11

Hi Joy! I will pray everything goes well for you, and we'll believe for a pregnancy soon after everything. You're right, we do need to have faith. Without faith, we might as well not even try. It has happened for so many women out there, and God is not a respector of persons, so we'll not be far behind. Stay positive and focus on the reason why we're going through all these lupron shots and everything else we've been through. We'll have an even deeper love for our children because they will be our little miracle babies. Please keep me posted and I'll be praying for you in the meantime. I'll pray that you don't even need to think about IVF. If I can't get pregnant on my own, that's what our doctor suggested, but you're right, it is very expensive. Anyway, we won't even need to go that far.


Hi bj - January 11

Thanks for your thoughts and I will also pray for you. The doctor gave me a 70%chance of getting pregnant after the next surgery. I guess that is not so bad. Hopefully you will get pregnant without IVF either. I was researching and it is very expensive. Some insurances cover it, but others don't. You are in my prayers as well and keep me posted after you shots are over. I also have severe endo, but hopefully God will help us and give us our little miracle babies without any IVF procedures. Good luck and baby dust to all of you with the same problem. The last thing we lose is faith and hope.


bj - January 11

Hey Joy, when will you have your surgery?


Joy - January 11

Hi bj: I will have my surgery in 6 months after I am done with the lupron shots.


Joy - January 11

What was your percentage for pregnancy? The doctor gave me a 70% pregnancy chance after the next surgery.


bj - January 11

after 2 more shots, then I will meet with my doctor, so we can talk about that. He hasn't really said yet.


Joy - January 11

Good luck bj. Hopefully your chances are high. Do you have any other problems besides the endo?


bj - January 12

I also have PCOS. I feel pretty good though. I have a friend who has the exact same thing, and after she was on lupron, she got pregnant. It took her just a couple of months. I always try and remember the positive stories.


Joy - January 13

Hi bj, hopefully we can get pregnant too as soon as we are over with the lupron and me with the surgery. I wish you the best and keep in touch. Baby dust to you and all the girls out there that are trying to get pregnant.


bj - January 13

thank you! I wish you all the best!


KLB - January 13

Hi ladies. I have endometriosis and just found out I am pregnant tonight. There is hope! I am only 20 years old & was very scared I wouldnt be able to reproduce. Good luck to everyone!



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