Endometriosis and clomid
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NicoleM - April 13

My RE suspects I have endo b/c of long painful AF including rectal pain, for the last year I have constant pelvic pain and my left ovary especially hurts - during urination, intercourse, using tampons, etc. DH and I have been ttc for 3 years without luck. Anyway, the RE doesn't want to do laproscopic surgery unless the pain becomes unbearable. He says the success rate is better for people with endo if they just take clomid - even though I ovulate fine. I guess he's afraid the lap would cause more adhesions. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone else had been advised the same way?? Does anyone else have endo, O fine, and been put on clomid?? I'm supposed to start it next cycle. Thanks.


jg - April 13

I was advised differently...........I have always been told that possibility of conceiving increases DRAMATICALLY after surgery for endo, and then take clomid. That's what i am doing this week - lap for endo, then back onto clomid. Al doctors I have consulted have said the same - that chances of conceiving after a laparoscopy are much much better than trying without it. Good luck!!!


NicoleM - April 14

Thanks jg. I was thinking along your lines too, but my RE seems to think otherwise. I guess I'll do a couple of months his way, but if doesn't work, I am going to ask about doing the lap. I hope the best for you with your surgery!!


kl99 - April 14

I have mild endo as well, and when we addressed it with the RE, he said the same thing. He said that by doing the surgery it really doesn't speed up the time it takes to concieve. I am on clomid and just did my 2nd IUI, but we are also dealing with sperm issues.


NicoleM - April 14

Thank you kl. DH wants to try without IUI first, but I don't want to be on the clomid for too long, so we'll see. I hope the clomid works for both of us! How long have you been ttc?



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