Endometriosis - it may be affecting your fertility
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sandraa - July 2

Hey ladies. First of all, I am not trying to get pregnant. Not yet anyway, I'm only 16. But I wanted to let you all know of something called Endometriosis. It's something that may be affecting why you are having problems becoming pregnant. It's not a very well known illness and not many women or girls know about it, because it's a fairly new illness scientists have encountered. What it is, is something of a period within a period. When you have your period, some of the tissue and blood "stays" inside your body (lining around the eggstocks) which may cause problems when trying to get pregnant. So you may wonder how I know about it, it's because I have this illness. I didn't find that out by trying to become pregnant. But because there are a few other symptoms that comes with this illness. Like severe pain before or during periods. (more pain that the "normal" period cramps.) Sometimes I get so servere pain that I can't stand or sit up. Also irregular periods, and spotting is not uncommon. There is not much you can do about the pain, except take pain killers, or if it is too much to bare, go and see a doctor and have a form of surgery. If you let your doctor know you think you might have this illness, they may be able to help you. Scientists say that infertility affects about 30-40% of women with endometriosis and is a common result with progression of the disease. If you want to read more about it, go to this website: http://www.ivf.com/endoassn.html


sandraa - July 2

By the way, good luck to all of you ladies! Think positive! You will all make great moms I'm sure! =) My own personal feelings is that, the harder it is to have a baby, the more joy and more of a blessing the baby will be when it finally does come. =) so think positive!


inlove96 - July 2

I to have Endo. I am 25 and was diagnosed at 21. I am worried as well. Did your doctor put you on birth control?? I wish you luck. I feel for you. My doctors have said to have a kid now but my husband is not ready. I hope that we both and all the women that are battling with this problem get well and have healthy happy babies.


danesgirl - July 3

I too have Endo. I am 20 and I was first diagnosed with it when I was 16, however that is only when they did the first surgery, I was having all the symptoms and what not when I was 14. my dr just didnt think anything of it because of my age. And i've been off any treatment/BC for over a yer and a half and still have not gotten pregnant. So i'm sure that is my fertility issue.... anyways, best of luck to everyone tryin to conceive... hopfully we will sometime soon....*Baby Dust*


sandraa - July 7

I hear you gals, I just hope that when I do try to concive I won't have any problems, but I read that fertility problems while having this Endo, is about 30-40% chance. Most people think that you can't have something like Endo so young...which I guess was kind of a shock to me at first too. It's not bothering me that much now, except for the pain...but *baby dust* to you all who want to have a baby =) keep at it.



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