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Keehn323 - May 13

I was wondering if anyone here has ever been diagnoised with endometriosis? I have had a few of the symptoms, and was looking them up when I came across this"problem." Anyways, I wanted to talk to someone who actually has it, before i go trotting off to the doctor. Any comment or advice, would be much appreciated. Thank you.


am - May 14

Hey girl, I have had it since the summer I was 18 and I am now 23. I have had 2 laparoscopies to clean it out (that is how they diagnosed the endo, the last one was 4 1/2 years ago) and have been on about 6 birth controls and have done lupron for 6 months. My husband and I have been trying for 2 months now and we will see what happens. Please ask any questions that you may have and I will try to answer them. There are alot of people on this website that have it and are very helpful in supplying info. Endo is the inner lining of your uterus that grows on the outside of your ovaries, fallopian tubes, intestines, bladder, and any other place it decides to land it then turns into scar tissue, which causes the pain during your cycle and intercourse. You may also have pain all month. That is how mine is sometimes. There are alot of websites that are very informative and would be helpful in answering your questions. I would start writing some of your questions down before you go to the doctor, because it can be very overwhelming and if you have them written down then you won't forget them as easily. Good luck! We will try to answer any more of your questions


Tink - May 14

i had it. i always suspected maybe i did, but they can't always know for sure until they go in and do a lap and see it. i have always had irregular periods (when not on the pill) and painful PMS. i was on the pill from about 17-27. then i was in a monogamous relationship and got off of it since it made me sick. DH and i have been together 14 years. the last 6 or so i was off the pill- and my periods were so irregular and painful. i didn't really think about endo much though at that time. once we started actively TTC, then i figured yep, this is a problem. the RE did a lap and found 5 spots of it. i at least felt better knowing i wasn't crazy and maybe it was cause for some of my symptoms each month. after the lap, my periods were more regular (but then again i was on fertility drugs too which helped), and my pains and cramping was much less. they don't think the endo was a cause to my infertility though. it wasn't major enough or in areas that were causing blockage or problems. our infertility was unexplained and we finally conceived via IVF. i am glad i decided to do the lap though and get it all cleaned out. it can come back though, although pregnancy actually helps it stay away.


emeliz - May 15

Hi, has anyone here experienced extreme pain lasting for days during ovulation? my gyn thinks it's because of my endo. and that it must be outside my repro. organs, because my tubes and uterus are clear (had recent sonogram + hsg). so if that's the case, i get why there'd be pain, but could the endo. affect my fertility if it's not even in the tubes/uterus? btw, i'm not on any fertility meds and i've been ovulating and getting period regularly. i was diagnosed w/endo. many yrs. ago when i had a benign cyst removed. it was mild then and i went on the pill for many more yrs. after that. now it's been 6 months of ttc and every month i have a week of awful pain around O time. anyway, any input would be great. and for Keehn -- what specifics q.s you have about the endo.?


Keehn323 - May 15

The earliest I could get into the doctor is June 5th. She has already told me that if I most of the symptoms than at this point that is the only way she would diagnose me, so I am probably right. I too always knew something was wrong, because I get these pains all during the month. They are sharp and quick. They never last very long. Then the first couple days of my period are always very very painful and heavy and very irregular. Before I went on birth control at 21 I never gave these symptoms another thought. Then I quit taking the pill because of some side effects I was not happy with. And all of this came back to me and now I realize something is not right. I want to know if there is anything I can do before my doctors appointment, and the odds of this affecting my chances of becoming pregnant. Is my doctor going to suggest the lap after my appointment? Do I have to suggest it? I am really unsure how to handle any of this.



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