endocrinologist vs. fertility specialist
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matzgrl - October 4

Yesterday, I told you guys that I am 23 and have been trying for a baby for13 months without success. Some of you advised me to see an endocrinologist. My question is "what is the difference between an endocrinologist and a fertility specialist?" AND...why should I see one over the other? If anyone has this answer, I would really appreciate a response!!!


ginger6363 - October 4

They can be the same thing, but are not necessarily the same thing. Fertiltiy specialists are called REs (reproductive endocrinologists) b/c they must know about regulating the hormomoes of reproduction to treat fertility issues. Some REs are also OB/GYNs but this is not always the case. An endocrinologist treats horomone problems alot of times including reproductive hormone problems, but he/she may not have an "RE" speciality. It is best to see an RE a.k.a reproductive endocrinologist for fertility issues. Clear as mud?!!? Hope this helps.


matzgrl - October 4

Thanks so much for clearing that up! I almost made an appointment with an edocrinologist, but he was not a REPRODUCTIVE Endocrinologist. Thanks to you, Ginger, I didn't waste a day with a dr, who can't help me.


ginger6363 - October 5

Hey Jessica, I am glad you didn't waste your time. Were you able to make an appt. with an RE?


matzgrl - October 5

Not yet...I need to find one that accepts my insurance, because I was told that if I really do have serious problems, the surgeries and tests will likely be several thousand dollars.


MelissaV - October 6

I hope your insurance covers infertility...most don't unless you live in a state that has mandated insurance coverage for infertility. You can check out the resolve website for more info... www.resolve.org



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