Endo Lining to support pg.
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TL - April 26

Hi ladies. I am a bit worried cause I got a letter from my R/E today going over the IUI we just did. Anyways, all was in great shape except my lining was a bit too thin from taking Clomid. Clomid makes lining thinner sometimes causing baby not to implant.
I am worried now and wanted to know if any of you have ever dealt with this and how it turned out.
My lining at cd12 was 6.5, they did the IUI on cd14 so maybe it got thicker in time. R/E like it to be between 8-10 for maximum implantation.
Just another fun think to worry about in my 2ww. I will find out the news on May 5th via blood test.
good luck to you all and baby dust :)


isa - April 27

Hi TL, I went throught the lining issue with clomid both cycles and doc had to start me on cd10 with estradiol (estrogen) to boost my lining. My RE also likes 8 + but he says a 7 can be fine too, (I think he looks at all our values to determine whether to boost it up or not) but in the 6's he will definately boost it with estrogen or cancel the cycle. It is very possible for it to have increased a little from cd12 to 14 but I don't know how much it increases. When he gave me the estrogen, it boosted my lining within a day to acceptable limits. Perhaps you can ask them next time to give you estrogen pills to help boost it. He stopped prescribing the clomid after it happend the 2 cycles in a row. Now i just do injections without the clomid. Unfortunately thinning is the most common side effect. Has he got you on progesterone suppostories to help with implantation? That is something else to ask about. Try not to worry during your 2ww as that is probably worse for you.


TL - April 27

Hi isa...Yep, the day after the IUI I started taking Progesterone twice a day all the way up to pg or af arrives. I wonder if anyone knows how much the lining can thicken within 2 days....My R/E mentioned something about Viagra taken vaginally to thicken the lining next month for me....She liked how I responded to the Clomid and wants me to do that again. I produced 2 large follicles and some smaller ones.
Thanks for the imput on that :)
Baby dust.



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