Endo and septum share storys?
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Nicole - September 19

My name is Nicole. TTC almost 2 years. I recently had surgery for my endometriosis of 9 years. Then I found out that my uterus has a dip at the top not quit heart shaped and is devided down the center and then again horizontaly on the right side forming a side ways T. My doc however is positive saying that I can concieve and carry a baby on my left side. He is starting me on Clomid at the end of the month and I have no I dea what to expect. Does any one have any input or at least a similar story? I want children so badly! I even have 3 diffrent jobs working with young children. Day care, preschool and (3 and4), and tudoring. I'm sure there are many of you who have just as strong a desire so please write to me. Thanx so much:)


Mindi - September 19

Nicole- it is possible to conceive a baby and carry it to term with the type of uterus you have. I have a friend who got pregnant and when they did the ultrasound, it showed that she had a heart shaped uterus. She had a little girl and as the result of her uturus, the little gir's foot was curved because it had been positioned in the curved part of her uterus. She is now 3 and had to have her final surgery to correct her foot. I don't know to scare you, that is not my intention, but I wanted to let you know what happened to my friend. The little girl was always healthy and will go onto walk normally. Best wishes!



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