Endlessly hopeful that we'll have a baby
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dlynn78 - September 26

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for about 5 years now and have been unsuccessful thus far. Aside from the conventional methods of trying to conceive, we haven't sought after other techniques (hormone therapy, invitro etc.). It is becoming such a tiring and dissapointing journey and I just don't know how much longer I can take it. I guess I just needed to vent and get support from other women who are going through the same thing. Everyone around me is pregnant or a new mother and while I am happy on the outside for my friends/family, I am falling apart. Baby dust for everyone!


bl - September 26

Have you seen a fertility specialist yet? If you've been trying for 5 years , it's time to see an RE!!


caydensmommy - September 26

I'm sorry I am in the same situation except we have been trying for a year and a half and I have had 2 m/c. i went to the doc friday and she wants me to start taking birth control for 4 months to help balance out my horomones and to shrink my ovary and a cyst. I am just so upset and I am having a hard time keeping up the good attitude now. I hope everything works out good for you .


marymo - September 26

dlynn, I know EXACTLY how you are feeling! I know for me Its all I think about everyday. Please dont give up hope and were always here for you, so dont ever hesitate to vent!!! Good luck!!!!!


dlynn78 - September 26

Thanks everyone...i have not seen a fertility specialist - my doctor has not referred me to one. I have done ultrasounds of my ovaries and uterus and everything looks "lovely" according to my gyn so I don't think the problem is anything like that. I have asked my husband to see his doctor to get checked out, but he hasn't. I am sorry for the other ladies in the same situation. Sticky baby dust to you!


kotkot005 - September 26

hey dlynn. it is hard to say this but how you were able to be so patient without even doing the semen analysis for your husband? it seems that you havnt been through the procedures that most of us did to make sure that everything else is okay. go and take an appointment witha fertility speciaLIST as soon as possible. do not waste anytime. good luck


marymo - September 26

dlynn, definitely have your dh get checked. Thats always a good start. My dh got checked and it was him, but we are still not pregnant. It would be a good idea!!! Good luck to you!!!!


wendi77 - September 26

My husband and I have been trying for 6 years (married 8 yrs). I am 29 my husband is 30. Previously we tried Clomid for the first 9 cylces and trying to conceive naturally and then we did Clomid with 2 attempts at Artificial Insemination. We are on our third doctor and I love her. She is the first doctor that suggested I get a laporoscopy done and I had one on 9/13. I went back to see her yesterday and I will probably start the injections and IUI after the new year. I have too much stress at work and with the holidays and I am going to school part time I don't want to risk having a m/c with all that stress. I feel in my heart after all these years that may be the best timing. Yes, you should see a specialist and maybe have a lap and a hsg test to be sure you don't have something wrong. Good luck and we all are in this together. It is so hard to see all your friends and family getting pregant and you aren't - I am right there with you!


dlynn78 - September 26

Hi Wendi, thanks for your posting. I guess I am really worried about the pain involved in any of the tests. Should I be concerned about this? I know that this is such a minor thing considering how badly I want a baby, but something I fear I suppose.


MelissaV - September 27

I can relate---I used to post a lot on this board, but have taken a little break. Anyway, my dh & I have been ttc for over 3 years now with no luck. I am the BIGGEST chicken when it comes to having medical things done (especially shots), but I just told myself I'd do anything necessary. I will encourage you to first have DH checked out (cuz that's the easy part) and get a referral to an RE or have your current doctor order some of the beginning tests. Even though your ultrasound looks ok, they won't show tubal blockage. The only test I had that was painful was the HSG, but I'd do it again if necessary. I found out my tubes were blocked and took the necessary steps to fix them. Unfortunately I'm pretty sure there is still something wrong. DH & I are in the process of refinancing our home & working on getting our finances in order and then in Feb. we are going to an RE and will consider in vitro. Hang in there! I know over the summer I got seriously depressed---I didn't realize it at the time, but looking back I was a mess. Since then, I've gotten a puppy-my idea of therapy :) and I'm trying to take an emotional break from ttc. Good luck & make that phone call to your doctor! :)


dlynn78 - September 27

MelissaV - thanks. I am sorry to hear of your situation and wish you best of luck. It's nice to know others are going through similar situations. I appreciate your thoughts. My cousin had some sort of dye injected in her tubes and got pregnant right away - maybe I should ask about the same thing.


MelissaV - September 28

Sometimes the HSG dye test will clear out tubes if there is a minor blockage. It is usually one of the first tests your doctor will want to do anyway along with DH's sa, because as my doctor put it, "there is no point going on fertility meds unless your tubes are open". I hope you can get some answers for peace of mind.


dlynn78 - September 28

I def. think I should be seeing a fertility specialist soon. It's all I think of these days. Constantly on my mind. I am reading all the books, which are helpful at least. Thanks to everyone for their postings.


Shauna - September 28

I have been TTC for 5 and a half years now. It is both me and dh that are the problem...we waited 5 years to get my dh a sperm analysis cuz I was sure it was me.....well his count was low and the ones they could count were not in great shape...so we could have had a lot less heart ache if he had went sooner. Thats my fault for not wanting him to get it done. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but its probably him if not both of you. Hope you have luck.



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