EMM - Where are you????
12 Replies
LoriB43 - May 24

Hey EMM, the gang at **NEW BEGINNINGS** is looking for you!! Where are you??? Please check in with us!! We are worried about you!! We miss you!!


Tracy88 - May 25

Emm-just pop in to say hi so we know you are ok.


Lynn - May 25

Hey EMM...just wondering how your doing.


CC - May 25

Yeah-EMM we miss you!


d - May 25

YEs very. I hope you are ok.


Shauna - May 25

EMM- miss you babe!!!


andalvy - May 27

EMM Hope your OK!!!?


Tracy88 - May 29

bumpety bump bump


Lynn - May 29

Looking for EMM....if you read this, please post so we know your okay.


LoriB43 - June 2



andalvy - June 4

EMM where are you. Somebody got a BFP! Come see us at ***new beginnings***!!


CC - June 6

bump! EMM--Please!!!


andalvy - June 6




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