Emergency Rooms
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Cutie - March 24

This is not exactly about pregnancy, however I wanted to see if you ladies have any comments about ER. My experience wasnt great. When I got go ER about a month ago. I told them that I was bleeding so bad. I still had to sit in the waiting room for 2 hours. I was called back and taken to one of the rooms. The only tests they have done is Pregnancy Test and blood work to see if I wasnt becoming anemic, and thats it. They told me that they dont have any OBGYN doctors in ER who could help me. I went to the bathroom and unfortunately, I started bleeding ever worse than when I arrived to ER with much more blood clots. They told me that they wont do anything and reffered me to OBGYN doctor in 3 days. Of course the blood level was low, because I did loose a lot of blood. NOTHING was done about it. My experience at ER wasnt that terrific and I think that ER is only for "Life Threatening Emergency" - seriously...... What do you ladies think of ER's?


Coco - March 29

I hate them ! they just want to get ird of u as soon as they can. I am suffering from bad cramps in my lower abdo. did an urine test ( which i don't know what was it for nor the results ). And then sent me home after 2 hrs eaiting to tell me that i may be suffering from Irritable bowel syndrome !
Unless u carry ur leg cut half in ur hands or u are covered in blood, they just don't take u seriously !


luna - March 29

I went to hospital 2 yrs ago in an ambulance, after my bf phoned because I was in great pain in my side where you tubes are I got there at just after 12.00am. I was loosing blood and I told the nurse I was 6wks pg. She gave me 2 paracetimol for the pain and left me there in the waiting room. When I started being sick and shacking she put me in a bed and gave me an injection for the pain after my bf had kicked up a fuss. I told them that I thought I had an ectpoic pg. There was nobody there who could help and I finaly saw a doc at 7.30am who coiuldn't say what was wrong they had done a pg test and it came back pos. They didn't want me to leave the hospital incase it was an ectopic so I then had to wait for the epu to open at 9.00am before I could have a scan. I did have a ectopic and they finnaly removed it after I had spent 2 days in hospital after my gyni lost his temper saying this pg could kill me.



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