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baby4me00 - November 2

can anyone tell me i had a bad cold around O time so i really cant tell when i O'd I should have O'd on the cd 16 but my temp was high 3days before and I had ewcm for 5 days in a row with all high temp now cold has been gone for 4 days temps still high so would you think I am just 4dpo which is what I should be I am on cd20 now I had hsg on cd7 couild I have O'd early ... my bb's are a little sore that usually happens around cd 8 and 9 please any input would be helpful


tk07 - November 4

Hi! that is really hard to guess huh?
were your temps up where they are supposed to be at first? or were they slightly lower? do you always ovulate on day 16? sorry so many questions!!!
aren't temp charts a pain!!!


isa - November 4

you need to do bbt right through the whole cycle to see when you ovulated. You can only do periodic temping, it doesnt work. If you are on fertilty meds (even just a trigger shot) your boobs will get sore, its a side effect for the drugs we use. Having the hsg wont make you O early but not everyone alwasy O's on the same day and if your on meds or you've been sick, things can change. The constant in the cycle should always be the luteal phase, (the part from O to next period) and the part of the cycle that can change is the first part known as the follicular phase (cd1 to O day). You're going to have to sit it out and wait and see what happens there is no way to figure out with temps unless you did them all throught the cycle. Sorry. If you were taking cold meds it can also affect your cm, depeding on what kind you took it could dry it up or it could make it more. Good luck. Wait til your normal cycle day would end, test and if negative and no af wait 2-3 days more and re test. or go for a beta at your clinic


baby4me00 - November 7

thanks ladies for your reply I can respond when I am at home... I can only get on at work...I will let you all know the out come I should start af on Nov 11
good luck to you ladies and I appreciate your comments



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