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v - May 31

My husband and I have been ttc for 8 months now,still nothing. But anyways, I've noticed that almost every month, I get this itching,burning sensation by my vagina.I don't have any type of STD or anything like that. At first I thought it was a yeast infection,so I bought the expensive treatment and vagisil but it still remained. Well, I got brave and took a mirror to see what exactly I was dealing with because it wasn't exactly coming from my vagina. I noticed that the little piece of skin between the vagina and the anus was really irritated. It was raw and it's like it tears open. My doctor prescribed a cream that I can put on it that really helps but this is something that re-occurs every month. It makes it difficult to have sex when it's so painful.And my ovualtion time is coming up and I still have this problem. Has anyone had or have this problem. My doctor said that the piece of skin is so sensitive with me that anything could cause it. It could be anything from friction to a hard bowel movement. I'm sorry being so graphic. I just thought maybe someone has had to deal with this and might have some suggestions.


Jo - May 31

Did the doctor describe it as a hemorroid (spell?). It sounds like a problem I had a few months back and I didn't see a doctor about it but I assumed it was a hemorroid based on the description. I looked in my home remedies book and it talked a lot about a natural remedy called Rutin. It is in pill form. I went to the health food store down the road and they had it under the name BioRutin. I am telling you that I was in some major pain and discomfort - especially during sex. Within 2-3 days of taking one pill per day, it was already feeling better and by a week it was completely gone. I read in that book all these amazing stories about how this Rutin had healed hemorroids and I thought it must be too good to be true but I'm here to tell you that it worked for me. It was the same location that you are describing. Give it a try - I hope it works!!! Oh by the way, in the meantime while the pain and burning is still there, get some Vitamin E capsules, poke a hole in it and squeeze the content on a piece of toilet paper and apply it to the area. That helps to relieve the pain and burning. Good luck!


v - May 31

Thank you. No my doctor didn't mention anything about a hemorroid,but I would be willing to try anything at this point, rather than constantly calling my doctor for this cream.I'll try both the pill and the vitamin E.Thanks again.


Drew - June 1

Hi, I have had this before, and it is REALLY painful! Anyway, I was told it is because that area is getting dry. When you and your partner have sex, and your mucous and his sperm leak out after, it can really dry it out, and then really irritate it. That is if you can even have sex with the pain. But you can get tea tree oil (has to be pure) from a hollistic store and put a few drops in the area a couple of times a day. It soothes and helps heal. Vitamin E and mineral oil also help too. And a bath in epsom salts might really help too. Just make sure you pat it really dry after. Good luck, hope this helps!


Lisa - June 19

I also had a very similar problem, we have been TTC for 2 yrs and the Dr thinks that I may be allergic to my husbands sperm. We are now having IUI and bypassing the whoel natural method.


Jill - June 23

I had the same problem and my doctor said it was a possible allergy. He told me to try changing soap, or laundry detergent, or try underwear with made with a different fabric. It worked great for me!


albertagirl - June 23

please don't douche! it will change the ph balance in your vagina and kill the sperm.
The guess of dryness or allergy is probably correct. It could be something as simple as a thong or jeans rubbing the spot and irritating it. The added acid of the sperm then irritates it so you notice it.
I don't know if this will be welcomed and I might get flamed for what I am about to say but here goes...
Some of you are looking for the worst case scenerio...I know that it can be hard to stay positive all the time and we analyze every tinge and symptom to figure out what is "wrong" with our bodies. We all need to relax a little and look for the simple solutions.


Drew - June 23

Meg I think that was really uncalled for. It has nothing to do with being clean, and albertagirl is right, douching is BAD. And albertagirl, most of our responses were about an allergy or irritation of some sort....simple. I'm not attacking you for your answer, but when you have been ttc for a long enough time you look at everything. How long have you been ttc? Just curious, I ask most people that! Good luck to you all!!! :)


meg - June 23

look no one needs to hear her exact details when she poops and all, that is ridiulous. douching could be bad if ttc, but not on a normal basis. maybe it is an infection, yeast or something.


and - June 23

her anus is irrated i am sorry but this is a gross discussion!


christina - June 23

i have heard this, you should inquire, that maybe if you are having both regular sex and anul, and he goes from front to back and such, it can cause irritaion, not to be personal but maybe thats what happened, i also read it causes something called clamidia, i dont know if i spelled right, but get it checked out again in a few days or so and maybe you need an antibiotic to ease the pain and help clear it, even though ttc there are some mild safe doses, just dont use anything, no over the counter creams or remedies, no doushing, and baby powder can cause problems with women too.all my best


christina - June 23

ps- ignore the immaturity listen to drew and others giving advice here.


Drew - June 23

Ok meg, there was nothing about pooping or anything like that. This is a place to ask questions of ladies who maybe are in the same situations. If it disgusts you TAKE A HIKE!!! Oh, and by the way, douching is NOT reccommended even when not ttc cause it does throw off ph balances, and once you use one, your body relys on it. Your the one who is rediculous!!


Drew - June 23

There was no "preaching". You were rude and were not gonna put up with it. Like I said, if you don't like it leave.


Deb - June 24

V, this must be very frustrating for you. I have had a similar experience but for me, it was part of my labia that was irritated (sorry so graphic!) Trying to have sex when you are in pain is not good...especially when ttc. I would just follow the advice of your doctor, who has examined you and knows it is not a yeast infection, STD, or a hemorroid. I think the best thing for you is to use that cream on a regular basis, so the area doesn't have time to get irritated again. And I would try not to get sperm on it because that is probably irritating it a lot. Good luck to you.


Drew - June 24

Ok, your just being plain rude and immature. No one comes here to be insulted and thats all you are doing. If you want to ask questions or have some valid advice, fine. But DO NOT come here and insult us. Quit acting so childish!


Drew - June 24

Maybe I didn't explain what I meant good enough. You do not have to have an orgasam to get pregnant...obviously cause many women get pregnant without. But the purpose for an orgasam is to assist the sperm to their destination. The cervix dips into the sprem and draws it up. It does increase your chances of conception. This is the purpose of an orgasam. I didn't mean you have to have one for conception, but it helps. Hope I clarified what I meant! :)



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