embarassing ? about prometrium pills vaginally
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Jennifer - April 23

hi my dr said to take my oral prometrium vaginally once a day at bedtime, i started yesterday. WELL- i woke up at 2am and of coarse the med had leaked everywhere, so I know the pill opened, but I feel like it is still in there ( the casing) does anyone know if the casing comes out or dissolves or what?? I am worried it may have partially adhered to the cervix I knida feel something but I am not sure if it is the pill , although it feels round like the pill has melted but not all the way. I feel like I should get a pap to make sure, but that is so embarassing, if it is actually not the pill and just something that is suppose to be in me :o - Please anyone that has taken the oral vaginally the little peach pills reply- I am so very worried I may have screwed something up inside- Thanks Jennifer


Milissa - April 23

Not a clue what it even is or for...sorry can't help...call your doctor?


Heather - April 24

Jennifer - Have you tried searching on the net about these pills and the pros & cons?? I have never heard of this before either. If you are worried than you have NOTHING to be embarassed about. Call your dr and if you still feel uncomfortable... Go to a different dr. Ask questions... Like what EXACTLY are you to expect and if there is an alternative to this as it is messy. Good luck!


May - May 28

I hope you will check this again. I am supposed to start taking these tomorrow and have never taken anything like this vaginally and really do not understand what you do (sorry, pretty gross) and how they stay up there. Should have asked doc more questions but i was just so excited to be getting a new option, I ran to fill the prescription. Please help!!!



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