Elevated temps
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carrot top - March 17

I was just wondering how long your temps stay raised after ovulation? I've only been charting for three months and the last two my temps starting coming down below my coverline just 4 days after ovulation. This cycle they are staying exactly the same at 36.8 and I am 6 DPO. Is this a sign of pregnancy? Also, my boobs are usually sore right around ovulation until my period, and so far they are fine. Is that a sign? Thanks!


carrot top - March 17

I should also mention that I am on my first month of clomid.


K - March 19

It sounds to me like it means the clomid is doing its job and regulating your cycle. Usually after ovulation your temps should stay up for about two weeks, then they stay up if you are pregnant, and if you are not they fall and AF starts. Good luck- I hope this is your month!



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