elevated prolactin levels
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sadie - August 25

hi, i'v been trying to get pregnant for four years. i've had a blood test and my prolactin level ewas 745. but i was told by my doctor that it isn't that high yet i've read some of your answers saying that a level of 30 is too high. i'm really confused. my blood test also showed that i was ovulating. so how is high prolactin levels stopping me getting pregnant if i'm ovulating?


miriam - August 26

hi my prolactain used to be 1050 after i had my first child in 1997 then i took bromacriptine for 1 month which did not agree with me then in 2000 i fell pregnant again with my second child and i was not even trying i fell straight away. Now i am trying for a third child but not having any luck (been trying for 4 months), i went to the doctors and he said my level was 750 he also said i should have no problems falling pregnant but the same as you i think this is too high as everyone says their levels are like 30 or below, so i have been back to the doctor and asked for dostinex he gave it to me so hopefully it will work. reply



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